"I love you my darling Katia"

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I can't move a muscle. Each one feels bolted down. But at the same time, I'm floating. My limbs are light as a feather while I'm laying facing the starry sky.
I'm not at home. The distant sounds of muffled yelling doesn't reach past the entrance to my ears. I can't make out what they're saying, nor what they're thinking either.
"I won't let you take her away from me!"

What? Someone else is here. A woman. She sounds distressed, but I can't find the will in my body to help her. I'm so tired. Clawed nails of exhaustion railed a line down my spine, along my collar bone, up my neck. Each brush featherlight.
It's unceasing. I see nothing touching me, but I can feel everting. Someone's hands cradles the sides of my body, one hand stabilising my head under their palm.

No one is here.

I'm lying on nothing but cold rock, unmoving. No one is holding me. I hear no one near my but the woman's voice feels close by.
"She is my daughter! You can't take her from me!"

Who is? An who is speaking?

"Your daughter will be raised to her highest potential, daughter. I will raise her will along side your sisters."

A male voice stirred, and I could hear the panicked breathing of the woman's voice. I could almost feel her heart's sporadic beating.

I need to get up. I want to know what is going on so close to me. I'm tired of staring at these stars. I'm tired of tracing these constellations. I'm tired.

I'll it my body to do so, I slowly sat up. Barren land stared back at me. Brown rock for as far as the eye can see and not one soul stared among it.
Turning my head, I could see what was happening behind me.

A woman, her dark brown hair cascaded down her back. It's colour a stark contrast to the pale violet and gold robes she wore. The bottom of her robes were covered in dirt and it trailed up to her side as if she had been pushed over. The blooming bruise on her arm confirmed that.

I couldn't help but feel anger towards whoever had pushed this woman. She cradled a small baby in her arms, a tiny baby wrapped in brown linen. It didn't cry, but slept peacefully in it's mothers arms.

Trending closer to the woman, I stood in front of her. Just like all of my dreams, she was not away of my presence.

She was around the same height as me.
I studied her face. Her eyes were a steel grey, almost white and her angular bone structure and slim face made her appearance near ethereal.

Her full eyebrows were furrowed in worry, and her hand stroked the back of her baby's head in a comforting notion. I felt a hand sifting through my own hair.

Bringing my hand to my head, no hand stroked it. I felt nothing under my hand but my hair. \

The woman stared above my head, her emotion showing nothing but pure fear as she shook her head in defiance to whoever was standing behind me.

The baby's eyes glared at me, as though they would see me standing there. It's eyes were a striking resemblance to my own. A steel grey that appears as though they could have once been blue. Staring back, I couldn't help but notice a scar on the bottom of her chin.

Bringing my hand to my own chin, I ran my fingers over the barely-there dip in my skin. I never knew how I got that scar. I used to ponder on it back before everything. Wondering if I had called out of a tree and was concussed to the point where I couldn't remember doing it.

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