Chapter 2 - Stargazing

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listen I'm sorry for not posting but my brain was deflated

still a massive simp tho, just LOOK AT HER

still a massive simp tho, just LOOK AT HER

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You were just hanging out by the church, waiting for Luisa to come around. The moon had already reached it's peak, so she should be here by now.

"Hng... Luisa, where are you? Okay, (Y/N), chill out- She has chores, she's busy. Just think of how the poor girl is feeling-" You muttered to yourself.

Suddenly, you felt a large hand pat your shoulder and nearly jumped 10 feet in the air, before realizing who did it.

"Woah! Sorry, (Y/N)- Didn't mean to scare you." She frowned, brushing her hand against her arm.

You sighed, regaining your posture. "It's fine. You're here now, and that's what's important."

She nodded, a soft smile growing on her lips. "Yeah. Hey, mind if I pick you up? It may take a while to find a good spot."

You looked up at her, stars in your eyes. Her? This beautiful goddess? Picking you up? Yes please.

"Oh, of course! Thanks." You nodded eagerly, attempting to not appear desperate. And just like that, she lounged you into her arms and began the long journey ahead.

"Gotta say- You're pretty light." She smiled, looking down at you like an angel from above.

You playfully punched her chest, earning a chuckle out of her. "Easy for you to say."


Eventually, you two stumbled upon a small grassy meadow. The fireflies were out, and dew was dripping off the grass shards. Seems relaxing enough.

Luisa cleared her throat, as though she were making an announcement. "Well, (Y/N), it appears we found a place to rest for the night. However, the question is- Permission to land?"

You were just about to yell 'yes' without hesitation, before realizing what she was doing.

"Luisa, if you throw me, I swear." You firmly scolded, raising your finger.

But she didn't listen, instead flinging you onto the grass. You erupted into laughter as your back hit the ground, before Luisa tumbled down with you, laughter also in her voice.

She quickly calmed down, checking on you. "Hey, you okay? I didn't mean to throw you so hard."

You pat her shoulder, easing her. "It's no trouble. Just be careful next time, will you? I could've broke my arm or something!"

"No promises." She teasingly smirked.

You rolled your eyes, intertwining your hand with hers as you looked up at the speckled sky. The stars were shining down, popping out from the otherwise dull blue background.

Suddenly, a falling star made it's way down to earth. And, of course, Luisa was ecstatic.

"LOOK, A SHOOTING STAR! MAKE A WISH!" She cheered, eagerly closing her eyes in anticipation. You just softly laughed, doing the same.

After a moment passed, you two opened your eyes, looking at each other with a smile.

"So, what did you wish for?" You asked.

She looked away, still keeping a smile on her face. "(Y/N), that's bad luck and you know it."

You just chuckled. "Fine, fine."

You two stared back up at the stars, enjoying the moment. She barely got moments like these, and you know it. Maybe that's what she wished for- More time to do stuff like this. Maybe.

"Hey, d'you wanna know something?"


You cleared your throat, ready to do the delivery. This is gonna be awful, but that's the greatest part.

"Are you a planet? Because I'd travel the world to see you." You grinned, internally cringing at your attempts at flirting. Hey- A person can dream.

She just stared at you, trying her best not to smile. "You know, I really hate you sometimes."

You teasingly blew a kiss at her. "Love you too, hummingbird."

"Luisa, dinner!" You heard Alma call. She just groaned under her breath, but stood up without a complaint.

"Coming, Abuela!" She yelled, dusting herself off. "Guess I'm gonna have to go now."

"Yeah." You nodded, a frown on your face. "Wanna hang out again soon?"

She smiled. "I can't promise anything, but I'll try."

She then scooped you up in a hug, practically crushing your spine. Noneoftheless, you gladly returned the hug- After all, who wouldn't?

After a moment, she set you down and made her way to castia. "See'ya."

You stared at the grass below you, sad to see her go. "Yeah. See'ya."


Luisa made her way over to the table- But not without Alma standing in the way. Literally.

"Luisa. Where have you been?" She demanded, a stern look on her face.

"Oh- Just, uh... Had a lot of chores." She lied. Well, it was kind of true, but still.

Suddenly, Dolores spoke up. "Oh, she was stargazing with some townsperson named (Y/N). Hm."

Alma looked back at her granddaughter, her teeth gritting. "Luisa..."

She started rambling. "Listen, Abuela- I'm sorry! It's just that everyone was asleep by now, and they're really nice, so I just figured-"

"Luisa, remember what I told you." She scoffed. "Always be on the lookout. Someone's house could've fallen while you were gone."

"Ahem. Alma, give her a break- She's done enough. Let her relax, please." Agustìn begged.

"And since when did I tell you to speak?" Alma asked.

Agustìn was about to yell back, but Julieta urged him to stay quiet. And so he did.

She sighed. "Luisa, just go eat. We'll talk later."

Luisa nodded, walking over to her seat. "Right."

Well then.

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