15| Hospital

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"No! No daddy no-" I was fighting against him, not wanting to stay still for this mean man to give me a needle

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"No! No daddy no-" I was fighting against him, not wanting to stay still for this mean man to give me a needle.

Daddy said he informed the hospital about my regression and you know what they said? They said they've had lots of littles here so I'm not the odd one out.

"It's okay Sofia, I promise this will only take a second." Mr. Meanie said. I didn't care. "I can give you a lollipop if you just give me five seconds."

"I don't want it. I'm fine. I'm fine!" I ended up smacking the needle right out of the nurses hand and daddy quickly grabbed my wrists and pinned them behind my back. "No, it's going to hurt." I whined, but then got cut off when my paci got put in my mouth.

"Go ahead." Daddy said to the nurse, I squeezed my eyes closed as I felt a pinch in my arm. "See, it's not that bad baby."

"Blue or red?" The nurse asked me, holding up two suckers. I pointed to the blue one and he handed it to me with a smile.

"Manner little on." Daddy said as he took away my paci. But I just got it! I want it back!

"Thank you Sir. Sorry for hitting you." I mumbled.

"It's okay, happens to the best of us. I'll see you tomorrow to give you another one, but you took this one like a champ." He shot me another smile then turned to daddy and said something, then walked out, giving me a wave through the window, I waved back.

Daddy opened the lollipop for me and I opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out, he placed the candy on my tongue and I giggled. "I don't want you pulling that tomorrow little girl." He said as he sat back down in his chair.

"Okay. I'm sorry daddy. It's just scary."

"I know princess, but daddy wouldn't ever let something dangerous happen to you." He took my hand after leaning forward and kissed the back of it. "I care too much."

I smiled as I softly sucked on my candy, licking it with my tongue and tasting the blue raspberry.

"How are you feeling today?" He asked, "are you sore?"

"Nope. I think I'm all healed. It doesn't even feel like I had a broken rib, but my ankle still hurts." I mumbled, pouting my lower lip out a little.

"It will take a while to heal." He said as he sat back. "Finish your candy, then I'm going to change you into some proper clothes. You have a few visitors today." I perked up. "I know. We got the whole group, coming at different times though. First is Katie and Nathen." Oh my goodness yay!

I hurried up and chewed on my candy, then dropped it in the garbage can beside my bed, then daddy got up and picked me up, I put my legs around his hips.

"Oh my goodness silly girl your bum is hanging out!" He chuckled, tapping his fingers lightly against my bottom and I giggled. He took me into the washroom after grabbed a bag. He sat me down on the counter then began to untie the back of my gown, but didn't take it off.

"What are you doing?" I mumbled.

"If I take this off you'll be completely naked little girl. I don't know if you want me to see you naked yet."

My cheeks heated up from the caring words. "You can look at me daddy, it's okay." I smiled up at him and he smiled back.

He gently pulled the rough fabric off my body and let it drop down to the ground. His eyes looked over my body, it didn't expect them not to. I just sat there for a short moment while he took me. "I have such a beautiful baby."

He opened the black bag and pulled out a pink bra of mine, put it on me and clasped up the back, then he pulled out a purple long sleeved shirt and carefully put it on my body. "Purple!" I squealed."

"I knew blue wasn't really your favourite colour." He winked at me and it was the hottest thing I've ever seen. He carefully pulled me off the counter, "don't put any weight on your bad ankle, I will be quick." I nodded and did what I was told. Daddy got my panties for me and crouched down, meaning he could see my goodies. My body was so tingly. "You react so quickly to me princess." Be pressed his lips against my hip bone, then pulled on my panties, then my black leggings and put on little ankle socks for me too. "He you go," he put my paci back in my mouth for me.

He better not take this away from me right away.

"Hello? Any littles in here?" Paul!

Daddy picked me up and placed me on his hip since I wasn't able to walk around just her. The doctor said I was only allowed out of my bed if my daddy carried me.

We went out to the four people standing in our room, I smiled but I don't know if they saw since I had my paci in my mouth. Nate and Katie looked very excited to see me. "Hello there Sof." Paul held this smirk and I giggled.

I wanted to hug him but I couldn't cause I couldn't be put down. "She can't put weight on her ankle," daddy said like he was reading my mind.

"Well then we'll just do this." Paul took me from daddy's arms and rested me on his hip, hugging me gently, "Y'know, you almost gave me a heart attack little one."

"He's not lying! He was panicking!" Nate said quickly and Paul chuckled. "I missed you too Sofia."

"Me too!" Katie said quickly, stepping over to us and away from Dion, who was talking with my daddy. "I took care of Loki for you. I eve rode hun, he's all better."

"Oh good." I sighed, my words were muffled though through my paci. I was worried sick about him. I huffed Paul once more before he sat me down on my bed.

"Little girl don't be rude." Daddy said and took my paci away. I whined and stuck my arms out, trying to grab it back.

"No, I wanna have it." I whined louder, "daddy," I tried to get up but I got pushed back down.

"Stand up and you're in serious trouble." I watched as he pocketed my soother and I laid back with a groan.

"She can change moods quickly." Dion laughed.

"It's cause of that stupid pacifier." Daddy said. It's not stupid.

"Sof I brought you something." Katie said as she climbed onto the bed next to me, Nate brought his chair closer to me. She pulled out Skittles and I gasped and took it quickly.

"Thank you!" I hugged her tightly, then Skittles. "I missed her so much."

"When do you get released?" Nate asked me and I shrugged.

"I dunno know but I hope soon because hospitals scare me."

"Were you scared when you fell off your horse?" He asked next and I shook my head no.

"I took it easy. No biggy. It was my daddy who was crying like crazy." I giggled a little. Imagine if he did.

"Don't lie baby." Daddy said from somewhere behind me.

"Oo, you got caught." Katie said and began to giggle, and Nate joined in. I huffed and slumped back. But eventually, I caved in too and giggled softly.

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