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Y/N's POV:

He said and crewled on the bed.


Then he grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to him.

"You look so adorable chained up like that."
Then his hands wandered to my thighs and spread my legs.

I gasped when he laid his head between my thighs and started massaging them.

"I think you'll love my new upgrade~."

I raised an eyebrow as I watched him between my thighs.

"What do you mean by that? Who upgraded you?"
I asked though I wasn't even the slightest bit interested just thinking about how I could get away from here.

"I took care of it. It wasn't that difficult."
Sun's grip on my legs tightened.

"Hey! Stop touching me like that!" I glared.

He kept doing it but I won't just let him.
With that, I kicked him with all my might directly into his smiling face so he just fell off the bed.
The little bells on the chain where I have tied my arms just rang as I moved myself.

I heard Sun as he slowly stood up and his tall figure stared at me with now red glowing pupils in his eyes.

I was so scared at the moment when I saw him like that.
What's going on with him ?! There must be something wrong with his system, as this behavior from him is very unusual. I must fix him!
But how?

"VeRY pre-Eumptuous....." his voice glitched at the statement.

"Everything could go on in peace but you obviously like to challenge me so that i'm at my breaking point."

He approached me to the left side of the bed.
"You will see now what you get for bad behavior."

My eyes widened when I saw him clench his fist over me. I wanted to get as far away from him as possible but there was no use as the chains prevented me from moving away.

"Sun! Don't you dare!" I yelled.

He just laughed at me and his red eyes glowed on my face.

I narrowed my eyes and was already shaking with fear.

"Please-" i breathed out.


"Please, don't do this... I-I" i stuttered.

Then i felt his hand on my cheek.
"Sunbite, what are you trying to say?"
He chuckled but i kept my eyes shut.

"You said you would never harm me! But look at you now!" I turned my head towards his so that our eyes met.

"You know what, Sunny...." i said his name with a disgust.

"What about another deal?" I said confidently even though my heart pounded like crazy.

"What kind?" He removed his hand from me and rested his head on his palm.

"You will let me go..."

He let out a laugh. "Ha, yeah, right."


He got silent and continue listening.

"You can-" i sighed because I knew it was going to be a bad, stupid decision but I had no other choice.

I have nothing else left. Otherwise I will never be able to go home. I would never see my family again. My friends, though I don't even know if they make it out of here.

But I still have hope that they are somewhere here in the pizzeria. However, I can't continue the search until I'm done with Sunny first.

"You can do whatever you want with me." I completed the sentence and waited for his response.

"Anything?" He questioned.

"Yes anything. But you need to stick to a deal!"
I warned.

"Hmm.." he scratched his metal cheek as if pondering.

I rolled my eyes. "So? Do we have a deal?"

"I can do whatever i want with you then i let you go."

I nodded.

"But you'll stay until midnight with me."

I shook my head. "What? A whole more day with YOU?! No way!"

"Then i'm not agreeing with this deal."
He crossed his arms.

I deeply sighed. "Fine! Let it be then..."

"Perfect." He petted my head.

"Deal." We both kept a dangerous eye contact as we both said the word 'deal' at the same time.

His red eyes disappeared and he had his white again.

"Alrighty Sunshine! When we talked so nicely, I became quite tender!"
His soft voice returned back and started jumping around the room.

'Tender? Bullshit.' I thought to myself.

Then he came back to bed and started removing the chains from my wrists.

When he finished, I massaged my wrists a bit because they hurt me because these chains were very uncomfortable.

But the next thing i know, Sunny pinned me down on the bed, his hands grabbing my arms.

"Don't think about running away. Remember we have a deal, and you invented it." His head spun.

"If i see you escaping, I'll tell you there will be a lot of screaming in the next few hours."

His face came closer to mine.
"Is that understandable?"

I looked at him with a serious look. I won't let him break me. I'll break him, oh he'll see who he's dealing with.

I nodded in agreement but kept staring at him.

Then he let go off me and started walking to the door that was in the room and opened automatically.

Before he left he stopped and turned his head back towards me who was still sitting on the bed.

"There is a box by the bed. Look into it as a surprise awaits you."
He told.

"Our little playtime is about to start~."


Finally, the chapter is done.

Again, i'm sorry for long waiting, but i hope you enjoyed the new one!

Stay tuned for more!
Seeya loves! ♡♡♡

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