"Goddess, you exhaust me."

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"Thanos is coming...he's coming." Bruce gasped and I felt my mother squeeze my hand, her face full of fear and anguish.

After Stephen and Wong helped Bruce out of the hole he crashed into, I spoke to my mother. "Is Thanos who is coming for me?"

She nodded and took a step back when Bruce wobbled his way over to us. Turning to him, a pitiful smile played on my face. It's been so long since I have seen him that I couldn't help but hug him.

He hugged back. "Kid, you need to stop growing up." I laughed slightly.
I was closest with Nat and Bruce when I first arrived at Avengers Tower. I significantly remember Bruce apologising for the pain when pulling shrapnel out of my wing.

"It's been too long." I pulled away and he looked almost guiltily at me.
"Shit, you know nothing about what's happened." I muttered under my breath.

"This will be a laugh." My mother said from behind me. I turned to her with a slight smile on my face, Bruce looked confused.

"Okay I have two questions. Who is this? And why do you two look alike?"

My smile left my face just as quick as it came. "Bruce, there is a lot that you have missed. And actually, the main thing is something I learned about an hour ago. For starters, Wanda and Pietro are not my biological siblings. I know this because this is my mother." He looked even more confused but shook it off when my mother extended a hand for him to shake. His hand travelled straight through hers.

"I assume, you are the only person who can make physical contact." She said, turning back to me.

Bruce rubbed both his hands on his face. "Okay, what is going on, I feel like my head is going to explode."

"I am dead. My daughter here is an Asgardian Goddess like me, we both carry the ability of necromancy which is how she has summoned me here. And finally, there is a possibility that Thanos is not only coming for the stones, but also to take her back. Does that clear everything up?" She asked, he nodded, slightly intimidated.

"Bruce, I'll tell you the details later. Right now, we need to find everyone." I said, turning to Strange.

Strange huffed, turning to me. "I think you know who the closest person is." His expression was sour, and I know exactly why.

"Fucking Stark." I mumbled.


Standing in Central Park, My hood pulled firmly over my head to hide my face, I waited behind Strange with Bruce. Bruce had told us everything my mother couldn't, stating what Thanos' plans are, how far away he is from completing them.

I had to cut off the connection with my mom, but she said she is still there, I just can't see her. I need to conserve my energy for everything that lies ahead.

"Tony Stark." Strange called out, causing Tony and Pepper to look over, wearing the same expression of confusion. "I'm Dr Stephen Strange." He introduced, walking forwards towards the two. "I need you to come with me."

Tony didn't move, grabbing onto Pepper's hand. I forgot they were together.
"Oh, uh, congratulations on the wedding, by the way." Strange added, almost making me laugh at his awkwardness.

In usual Stark fashion, Tony made a sarcastic comment. "I'm sorry, you giving out tickets to something?"

Strange sighed while me and Wong rolled out eyes. "We need your help. It's not overselling it to say that the fate of the universe is at stake."

"And who's "we"?" Tony demanded. Bruce stood out from the portal, his face serious as he looked at his old friend.

"Hey, Tony." He said.
Tony looked at him with surprise. "Bruce."
Bruce acknowledged Pepper's presence before slowly making his way over to the two, wrapping his arms around Tony's shoulders.

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