Chp 19.

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Venti POV


"Oh pretty please!!"She begged and gave me the puppy eyes.

"Nope. Your done. Out of my dorm"I dragged her by the arm and pulled her out of the rooms.

"Nooo!! Where am I gonna stay!?"

"On the ground"and there I closed the door on her face. I didn't wanna deal with her.

I turned around and went back to my room and closed the door silently.

I got on my rolling chair and looked at the walls. Rarely nothing to do here.

After admiring my beautiful wall I spotted some pockys near my books. I moved my chair over there and grabbed it.

I opened the package too see if they were still fresh and thank god they were.

I thought if I should share some to Xiao since I thought he hadn't ate in a hour so I decided to get up from my seat and walked to his room.

"Knock knock knock!! Are you awake??"I knocked at his door and waited for him to answer it.

"What."He opened the door,looking as if he just woke up from his sleep. WHOOPS! I must've interrupted his sleeping.

"Want some pockys?? Got some little snacks for you to eat."I showed him the pockys and he looked at it. Thinking if he should eat it or not.

". . ."


"Meh..fine"He grabbed the package from my hand and went straight to his bed. I don't know what I was thinking but I decided to follow him and sat right next to him in bed.

"So where's Lumine?"he asked as he took one pocky out and ate it. "I kicked her out."

"Why- where would she even sleep-"He looked at me,raising one eyebrow up.

"The ground."I answered.

"Hm classic."

I lay my back and stared at the ceiling for a while then said something unexpected.

"Wanna do the pocky game people do?" Oh kill me. . .

"Yea sure. The person who loses earns 20 bucks. 3 rounds only."My eyes widened. I thought he would decline the idea but oh crap.

"I-I change my mind how bout we-" "nwope."Xiao mumbled as he offered the pocky on his mouth,waiting.

I stared at it for a few seconds and gave in a heavy sigh. "Fine"I said biting on to it.

"This is stuwpid"

"This was your idea idiot"


We both bit at the end of the pockys side and took mini bites off it and move our faces a bit close.

I was kinda embarrassed cause I couldn't tell if he's getting closer or not.

As we both took bites of it I look at him and i my eyes shook too see how close he was so I quickly hit the pocky off and called it a game.

"Were done here. Just take the free money."I said crossing both my arms. "Pfft you can't even handle one round already?"He laughed.

"One more round and that's it."

". . ."

"Nnnn...fine..."I accepted .

He took out one pocky and bit the end and handed the pocky to me. I bit it and we both started biting mini bites.

My heart was already pounding fast and my face was already sweating.

Shit what if I accidentally didn't know were close and then our lips parted and shit and like I know we did kiss and-

"Venti,move your body bit closer."

I proceeded to do what he told me and scooted myself close to him.

But . . .

When I Did come closer,he touched and moved my back which quickly caught me off guard.

I opened my mouth let go of the pocky since I felt as if my soul just got out of my body.

He took the pocky and ate the whole bit and then the next move he did...

He moved my head closer and we both


I didn't say  a word but my eyes shook at the sudden movement . I could feel him moving my back tightly to him and my hands were holding onto his shoulders.

He finally moved me back and looked at my reaction.

"Hah. What's the shocking face for?"He asked. My eyes were twitching as I look at him. I couldn't tell if I was blushed like madness or is that it's hot in here.

"D-Did you plan that.."

"Lucky guess. I did."He said, while touching his chin.

I stared at him like an idiot then my jaw dropped.

"YOU B-"I grabbed his bed pillow and smashed my head onto it and screamed in it.

I started rolling around for not knowing he planned that on me. ME!!

I grabbed his blanket and wrapped around me like a burrito and continue screaming through the pillow.

Xiao looked at me with a worried face but he didn't bother to kicked me out and instead decided to let me ruin his bed.

"*sigh* let all your anger out"he said as he looked through his phone.

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