Chapter 12: Defamation

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The next day...

They were all in school Marinette and Chloe were looking for Sakura when they heard her speaking with someone over the phone in her native language. They waited for Sakura to finished before knocking on the door.

"Hey Sakura." Marinette greeted.

Sakura turned around and waved at the two, "Ah! Mari-chan, Chloe-chan, what are you doing here?"

"We're heading to Marinette's place for lunch you coming?"

Sakura nodded and linked her arm around Marinette's.

"By the way who was that?" Marinette asked.

"Ah, that was my mom, she's wondering when I'll be back."

At the bakery...

When the three girls got there they noticed that Naruto and Sasuke were already arguing, while the others just looked at them as they ate the baked goods.

Sakura gave a stiff smile as she held her fist up and said, "Boys do I need to separate you two?"

The two boys looked at the pinkette and gulped back their fear and shook their heads. Sakura just sat down and sighed as she rubbed her head, she asked Marinette if she had any coffee. Marinette nodded and before heading to the kitchen she asked anyone if they want some coffee as well, they all nodded and said yes except for Naruto who asked for soda.

Sasuke noticed Sakura's mood and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Okaa-san called me earlier asking when I'll be back, she wants me to attend some annual banquet held by our family."

"So? What's the problem?"

Sakura shrugged, "Well I was kinda hoping to stay here longer, if I go back now I'll not only be swamped with school but work as well, here I don't have that much work and it's been kind of relaxing."

As Naruto slurped his instant ramen he commented, "But Sakura-chan you like going to those events, you always somehow manage to make those old gramps agree to donate to one of your charity events."

Sakura then remembered, "OH MY GOD THIS YEAR'S FUND RAISER!"

The others looked confused at her out burst and asked what was wrong.

Sakura looked at Sasuke and Naruto in terror and said, "I left my Otou-san to be in charged of it."

The two boys turned pale, "JIRAYA-SAMA!"

Sakura weakly nodded as she slumped own oh her chair. Naruto patted her head and said, "Sakura-chan I mean in no offense but, your dad is going to somehow turn your charity event into a strip show for one of his "Creative Inspiration" shit."

Sakura then punched Naruto in the head and yelled, "BAKA! Don't you think I know that!"

Sakura then stood up and hurried out to take a call, "Excuse me I need to call my mom."

"Hello Okaa-san..."

Nathaniel then asked what happened, Naruto explained to them about the banquet, charity events and who Sakura's parents were. After a couple of minutes, they left the bakery to get back to school when they walked out Sakura was just about to enter, Sakura looked at her watch and whined about not eating yet.

Sasuke then handed her a bag with pastries in it, "Here, quit complaining."

Sakura thanked her boyfriend as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

When they got back to school, they noticed that half of the students were looking and whispering at them, more specifically Marinette. They all looked at each other confused and wondered what was going on. Kagami approached a student and asked what happened, the student told her to go online and check the FDG (Francoise Dupont Gossip) account on Instagram.

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