Cat and Mouse

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Being Minoru's only princess must have been stressing Kimiko out because she was taking it out on you. Ever since Hinata left, she started bothering you after school every day. Sometimes she would play innocent, asking about your day and how you'd been faring without any friends.

Other times, she wouldn't play so nice, pinning you against the nearest wall and asking if you thought she was being too mean, if you wanted to run and tell Mommy what she did. It was uncertain whether she meant Aina's real mother or Minoru. Your guess was Minoru.

You'd taken to running at the first sight of her, racing to Aina's mom's car at the end of each school day. Kimiko was canonically lazy, so you hoped she would just let you go. But, no, every day she gave chase. You ran down corridors and hid around corners trying to avoid her. You'd never been caught before.

Until, one day... You thought you'd won, you'd lost her, when suddenly someone came up behind you and slammed your head against the wall. You fell to the floor, dazed and likely concussed. You watched in confusion as she pulled out a rusted old key, seemingly out of thin air, and unlocked a nearby room you'd never been in before.

"What are you-" You tried to ask before she unceremoniously opened the door and threw you inside. It must have been a broom closet because it was packed wall-to-wall with cleaning supplies. The air inside smelled strongly like dust, lemon, and caustic chemicals.

You hit your head so hard on the back wall that you saw stars. You still managed to register the slam of the door and the click of the lock through the ringing in your ears, however. There was no light fixture in the tiny closet. You were left shrouded in darkness.

"Kimiko?" You called, finding yourself futilely searching for the doorknob, even though you knew the door was locked. But there was no doorknob on the inner door. The door might as well have been another wall for how smooth and unyielding it was. "Kimiko, this isn't funny! Open the door!"

"No," she said quite simply, her cheek pressed to the other side of the door. "Now you can't run away from me anymore. You have to stay right here until I decide to let you go."

"Kimiko, you're going to let me out of here," you said, trying to keep your composure, keep from crying.

"And why is that?"

"Because if you don't, I'll never forgive you."

"Good. That means you won't ever forget me either." If you listened closely, you swore you could hear her footsteps fade down the hallway. Her kitten heels clicked against the tile floor with each step.

That's when you panicked, started screaming. "Kimiko, open the goddamn door! Fuck! Hello?! Anybody?! Let me out of here!"

Were you always claustrophobic? Didn't matter. Being in such an enclosed space could give anyone a panic attack. It felt like you were sealed in a coffin. There was barely room to turn around. Bottle and brooms fell down on you as you groped at the walls, pushed at them as if you could make some more room for yourself.

You didn't know how long you were in there. You didn't have any way to keep track of time. It was too dark to see your watch and your phone was in your bookbag which was in your locker. But every second felt like an eternity.

There was nothing you could do. You were completely helpless. With this lone thought circulating in your head, you cried like a baby, screamed yourself hoarse, hyperventilated so hard you passed out.

Kimiko left you in there overnight. Without any food or water or place for you to relieve yourself. She didn't say anything when she came to retrieve you in the morning, didn't apologize. You both knew she wasn't sorry.

She simply unlocked the door and threw it and her arms wide open, ready to bear your weight as you fell. After being on your feet for twelve hours, you can't do much other than let her.

Never again, you promised yourself, even as you allowed her to hold you and brush your dust-covered hair. Never again.


Later that day you had to go with Aina's mom to the convenience store. She was freaked out after you didn't return from school yesterday, wanted you close.

That didn't mean you liked it, though. There was too much open space, not enough nooks and crannies for you to hide in. There were simultaneously too many and not enough witnesses. You felt eyes on you the entire time and couldn't tell if it was the fellow shoppers, the girls, or your paranoia.

Still, the trip was necessary because you couldn't trust your mom to pick up the things you needed. Those were self defense tools: a taser, pepper spray, a cute cat keychain that doubled as spiked knuckles.

You paid in cash with your own money, leaving no trace. Aina's mom finished her shopping separately so she didn't know what you got. There wasn't a doubt in your mind that the girls were coming for you... But you weren't going down without a fight.


Next day, you didn't bolt for the front door like you usually did. Instead, you went to the bathroom, stopped by the vending machines to get something to eat, hung around your locker... And there's where Kimiko found you.

"Did you miss me, doll?" She asked as she strode up to you, slamming her hands on either side of you, essentially forcing you back up against your locker. "I knew a night in the toybox would do you good."

"I missed you." You whispered exactly what she wanted to hear, and her eyes softened like melted ice cream.

She leaned in a smidge closer and pressed her cherry-flavored lips to yours. With her guard down completely, you slipped your taser out of your bookbag with one hand, pressed it against her stomach, and pushed down the button.

She jerked wildly before falling down on the floor.

You didn't stop there though. It wasn't enough.

You stomped and kicked the shit out of her while she was lying prone on the ground. You wanted her to hurt like you hurt. You wanted her to feel absolutely helpless, just like you did.

"Don't ever come near me again. Do you hear me?" You growled as she curled up on herself, trying to protect her head and gut. "If you ever come within ten feet of me again, I'll press this taser to your chest and hold down the button until you go into cardiac arrest. Do you understand me? I said, do you understand?"

"I understand!" She whimpered pitifully, just barely holding back sobs. You would've felt bad for her, had she not left you all alone to whimper and cry in a dark broom closet for twelve hours.

You stopped beating her up after that. As much as you wanted to keep going until her whole body was black and blue, you weren't a monster.

Speaking of monsters, Oshiro was waiting for you by the fountain again when you walked out the front doors of the school. You stiffened, kept your pepper spray in one hand and your taser in another. You'd need both to bring down such a Goliath. She looked at you, a weapon in both hands, like one might look at a family pet that had run away and gone feral.

"I was just making sure you made it out after what happened yesterday," she explained. You couldn't trust her any further than you could throw her, though. She was a yandere, just like the rest. "Where's Kimiko?"

"I left her on the ground beside my locker," you said, trying to sound as threatening as possible.

She raised one pierced brow at you before closing her eyes and nodding. Then she stepped several feet back, giving you a clear path to Aina's mom's car.

You kept one eye on her and one eye on the vehicle as you made your way past. She didn't pursue you, just watched you drive away, safe in the backseat, before turning around and walking back into the school.

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