Chapter 1: I'm home!

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“Mommy/Daddy I'm home!.” I heard my daughter yelled. I smiled as I saw my girl run to me with excitement, she was waving an envelope in her hand and started jumping happily. “Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down Mama's. Why are you so excited.? I asked my daughter. “MY FRIENDS CHARLIE AND SAMMY INVITED US TO THEIR BIRTHDAY AT FREDBEARS!” she said squealing. “Is that so?.” “YEAH! CAN WE PLEASE GO? PRETTY PLEASEEEE????.” she said giving me the puppy eye look.

I thought for a moment, summer was a straight A student and was pretty smart for an eight year old and was always so kind and helpful after she found out her father left us. and basically helps me whatever she can.

“I don't see why not.” “YAY THANK YOU MOMMY/DADDY YOU'RE THE BEST MOMMY/DADDY IN THE WHOLE WORLD!.” she said wrapping her small arms around my waist. I smiled at the girl as she ran upstairs to go get ready, I checked the invitation and saw that the party starts at 6:30 it's 5:20 we've got plenty of time to get ready.

So I went upstairs to help summer get ready. I helped summer take a nice bath and helped her chose an outfit to wear.

 I helped summer take a nice bath and helped her chose an outfit to wear

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After she puts her outfit on I did her hair. When she was finished getting ready I took a shower and also got ready, when I was done we both headed downstairs and grabbed my wallet and keys and we left the house. We still had a few minutes left so we decided to get them a gift. “Mommy/Daddy do you think they'll like the gift we got them?.” she asks. “Oh I think they'll love it summer.” I said smiling, she then smiled and giggled.  We then arrived at the pizza place and summer Immediately ran to a group of kids that I assume is her friends, I went inside of the place and saw a bunch of children running and screaming with joy. I looked around and saw two animatronics, A Yellow bear with a bowtie and top hat and a bunny with a sleeveless purple jacket and it had a guitar in it's hands. They were singing random songs and children were watching excitingly. I looked around and saw a table with a bunch of presents and other things on it and I assume that's the table with all they're gifts so I puttied the gifts down on it and went to grab summer.

All the kids were inside and I saw summer playing with a couple of kids. “Summer be careful okay?.” “Okay mommy/daddy I'll be really really careful I promise!.” she said proudly. I smiled and kissed her cheek. she giggles and hugs me, I hugged her back. “I love you mommy/daddy.” “i love you too sweetie.” and I let her go run off. I turned around to go get something to drink and saw a group of kids that laughing at a little girl who was locked outside and it was raining. I saw the little girl ran out probably trying to find a way in.

So I immediately ran outside to go and find her, I then see her sobbing covering her face. I then walked up to her and putted my hands on her shoulders and spoke in a soft and comforting voice. “Hey there little one are you okay?.” I asked she then looks up at me, tears in her beautiful brown eyes and her hair was messy. “I.....I w-want my d-daddy!.” she said crying, I took of my sweater and putt it on her and picked her up.

“Ill Take you to you're daddy okay? Can you tell me what he looks like?.” I asked. She nodded her head as she was about to describe what her father looks like when I saw a purple car parked near the ally we were at, it was just standing there..... MENACINGLY. I stared at the car and held the little girl in my arms and ran inside of the building. I felt the small girl shivering and I gently rubbed her shoulders. She gave me a shy smile and was about to say something when.

“CHARLOTTE THERE YOU ARE!.” I heard a man shout. He immediately ran up to me and took his daughter from my arms.

“Oh Charlotte I was worried sick! Where were you?.” he said looking at his daughter full of worry. “Its okay daddy this person saved me from the rain!.” she said smiling up at me. He turned around to look at me and smiled. “Thank you for bringing my daughter back inside I was really worried about her.” he said holding the girl in his arms. “Oh it's no problem really!. I have a daughter of my own so I would be pretty worried too.” I said. “Oh really? Who's you're daughter?.” he asks, and out of nowhere summer pops up. “I am!.” she said then her eyes lit up and Charlotte's eyes also lit up. “SUMMER!.” “CHARLIE!.” we both stared at the girls who where squealing with excitement.

“Daddy this is summer, the girl I was talking about!.” “Ohhh so your summer?.” “Yup!. And this my Mommy/Daddy!.” she said hugging my waist. “Y/n is my name Mr?” “Henry just call me henry.” he said as he shook my hand. I smiled as I saw the two girls run up to another kid. “Charlotte is one of my kids the other one they ran up to is sammy.” he said. “Oh! That's nice where's their mother?.” “She....she left us for some other man.” he said coldly. “Oh I'm sorry to hear that. My ex-husband did the same after I caught him in bed with another woman summer was only an infant.” I said remembering that day. “Well looks like we've got something in common huh?.” he said chuckling. “I Guess we do henry.” I said laughing a bit, he smiled at me and I noticed some of his features.

He had messy brown hair and dark brown eyes. His skin was a light peach color and he had a beard not to long but not to short either. He wore glasses and had a green plaid shirt with light brown pants and brown shoes. He was in pretty good shape and he looked around 6/3. I blushed slightly realizing that I was staring at him a bit to long but luckily he didn't notice.

“ you work here or something?.” “Im actually the co-owner of the place alongside a friend of mine.” he said happily. “Oh really?! Then owning this place must be Alot of work huh?.” “It is...but it's always nice to see the joy in other people and that's what I like to do. I like making entertainment for others it always make my day seeing others having a great time.” he said. I smiled, “he's such a pure soul” I thought to myself. “Welp let's go cut the cake now shall we?.” he said. “we shall.” I said laughing. He laughed along as we went to go sing happy birthday to them.

(Time skip)

After we finished eating and opening presents we we're about to leave until Henry stops me. “Y/n! Umm here's my number... y'know for when the kids want to have a playdate or something!.” he said blushing slightly. I smiled gently and took the small piece of paper. “Alright Henry see you around!.” I said waving. “Bye stay safe!.” he called out. As soon as we got in the car summer looks at me with a smirk on her face, I looked at her blushing slightly. “Summer-.” “Do you like Charlie's daddy?.” she said. “What?! No I just umm.....we just met Mama's!.” she giggles and looks back up at me. “I Know mama/papa I was just kidding!.” she says. “alright then let's go home.” “okay!.”

(Summer's POV)
I wasn't kidding I have a feeling my Mommy/daddy likes him.....I ship it....and I'll tell Charlie UwU

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