Chapter 11

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Tia's POV

"Your mother is alive." My heart skips a beat when I hear this. I get to see my mom again. I get to be in her arms once more. I get to tell her all about my amazing mate. "That's if she's well." My wolf says.

"I-is she okay?" I ask, starting to worry.

"She's fine." Caelum reassures me. I feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders. "She only has a few minor injuries. I had her taken to the pack infirmary." I growl at the thought of my mother being harmed.

"Would you like to see her?" Caelum asks in a soft voice. "Yes, please." I smile.

"Okay." He picks me up and brings me up stairs. When we get into our bedroom, he playfully tosses me into the bed, and heads into the closet, where he had my clothes moved into today.

He comes back out with a pair of my blue baggy jeans, and white cropped tank, and one of his zip up sweaters.

He pulls me to the edge of the bed and stands between my legs. "Arms up." He tells me, and I immediately obey.

He pulls his oversized shirt off of me leaving me in just my laced white bra. A smirk forms on his face before he shakes it off and pulls the tank over my head.

He crouches down to pull off my bottoms, then replaces them with the jeans.

Caelum pulls me to my feet, putting his jacket over my shoulders, and I slip my arms in.

He pecks my lips whispering, "I love you."

"I love you more." I say giving him another peck. He rolls his eyes. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, sweetheart."


After pulling up to the pack house, I wait for Caelum to come around and open my door, which he insists on doing for whatever reason.

He opens the door and takes my hand, helping me out of the car.

As we enter the house and head towards the infirmary, I see the same girl from the other day. She still has a bruise on her neck. Is bad that I don't feel sorry for her?

She doesn't approach us. She only gives me a dirty look, and which is expected.

We reach the infirmary and I almost run into the the room when I pick up my mother's scent.

"Mom!" I see her sitting up on the bed, watching a movie.

As soon as I'm in arms reach she pulls me into her arms. "Tia! Baby are you okay? You smell different." My mom asks taking a good look at me.

"Yes of course I'm okay mama. Are you okay? How are you feeling? I'm so so sorry you had to go through that." I squeeze her tighter. "Honey I promise you I'm fine. I'm so happy you're okay."

"And um this is Caelum. H-he's my mate." I say nervously. Why am I nervous?

She asserts her attention to Caelum. "Hello again Alpha, thank you so much for getting me out of there. I'm glad you're making efforts to make this pack better. And thank you so so much for taking care of my Tia."

"Caelum." He corrects. "Hmm?"

"You don't need to call me Alpha. You're family. Call me Caelum. Also don't thank me for doing my job as an Alpha or Tia's mate."

"Trust me Caelum, I won't ever stop thanking you." She doesn't give up.

"Well now I see where Tia gets it." He says earning laughs from all of us.


Chapter 11 is finished!

I know this chapter is like really short but this story is coming to an end. 😔
This was a very cool journey, and I'm happy I pushed myself to publish my first book! Don't worry I am already working on a new book and cannot wait to share it.

Epilogue is next!

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