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Tia's POV

Five Years Later..

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up! Santa came! Santa came!" My son's shouts pull me out of my slumber.

"Five more minutes, Leo." My mate groans, rubbing my big baby bump. I can't believe I'm gonna have two pups. Just three years ago Leo was born. It was the best day of my life.

Leo puts his head on my stomach, as if the baby is whispering to him. "My baby sissy say we get presents right now!"

"Welp if baby sister says we have to get up right now, I guess we have to listen." Caelum plays along. "But first, Leo come here I need to show you something." I look over at him, very confused.

Leo crawls over to his dad, and Caelum pins him down, then attacks him with tickles.

"Ah daddy y-you trick me!" He says through his fit of laughter. "Mommy! Get this crazy dude off me!" My son screams. I giggle and pretend to knock my husband out.

He falls over back onto the bed. "Mama! I didn't say kill him! Daddy wake up!" He exclaims and shakes his dad.

Caelum gets up and throws the little boy over his shoulder. "Come on you little booger."

We get down to the kitchen and we're met with our mothers cooking breakfast. We built a bigger house for all of us to live in when I found out I was pregnant with Leo.

"Nana! Grandma! This man is trying to take me! Help!" He yells. I'm not sure how the names came about but Caelum's mom is Nana, and my mom is Grandma.

"Well I happen to know this man can resist a good breakfast." Aubrey says. "Ooooh pancakes!" Caelum says, setting our son down, going to grab one, but his hand is smacked away. "Wait for everyone, son. Go set the table."

"Yes, mom." Caelum says with a huff.

"I'll help-" I start before I'm interrupted. "No, no, no you need to sit my granddaughter could pop out at any moment!" Aubrey says.

"Aubrey I promise I'm fine-"

"She's right honey stay off your feet! She could come at anytime." My mom tells me, guiding me over to the couch. These women are so alike it's crazy.

Leo climbs onto the couch next to me and puts his hand on my stomach. "When's my sissy coming?" He asks. "Soon baby."

"When she comes can I hold her?"

"Of course, bub." I tell him.

"I love you sissy." He says before kissing my baby bump, and laying his head there.

"You're the cutest boy ever. You know that Leo?"

"Yeah, I know." He lets me know, making me laugh. "I love you, cutie." I tell him. I'll always make sure he knows that.

"I love you more, mama."

"I love you the most, baby." I counter, he's not winning this. I pick him up and kiss both of his cheeks.

"Well love you the mostest." He says. Oh so now he's making up words?

"Well I love you to infinity and beyond." I meant it when I said he's not winning this.

"Hey that's not fair! You can't take Buzz's saying!" He argues.

"I guess it's too late. Already did." I say. He pushes some of his blonde curls out of his face.

"That's cheating!" He huffs and crosses his arms. "I still love you more though." He's tells me trying to keep and angry face.

"Whatever you say bud."


"I ate all of my food now can we open presents?" Leo asks.

"Yes, baby come on." I tell him, and he cheers.

I stand up and feel a gush of fluid coming out of my pants. "Umm guys I think my water just broke." I say calmly.

"Oh fuck!" Caelum exclaims, starting to freak out. And people say men are less dramatic than woman.

"Dada that's bad word."

Caelum cradles me up into his arms. "Uhh lets get you changed. Mom will you get the bag. And Charlotte will you bring Leo to the car?

Before he got an answer, he runs upstairs with me in his arms. He grabs me a new pair of underwear, and a pair of his sweatpants.

I groan from a contraction when he's pulling up the sweats. "I'm so sorry. Just a while longer. We'll get you some pain meds."

He picks me back up and races to the car where everyone is already ready to go. "Whoop! Baby coming! Baby coming!" Leo cheers.

I can tell Caelum is mindlinking someone. I'm sure to get arrangements ready before we get there. 

I groan in pain again, clutching my stomach.

Caelum is driving with one hand on my stomach rubbing his thumb in small circles. "We're almost there, love." He whispers softly.


"She's almost here, Tia. We see the head. Just a couple more pushes." I continue to push.

I hear a cry, and my beautiful baby girl is laid on my chest. I cradle her in my arms admiring her.

Caelum squeezes my hand, which has been in his all throughout this five hour labor. "She's perfect, just like her mama." He smiles.

The door burst open revealing an exciting Leo. "Sissy! Sissy!" He shouts. Caelum makes his way of to him and picks him up.

"Shh. Buddy your sister it's tired you have to be really quiet. Okay?"  Caelum whispers.

"Yes dada." Leo nods. Before Caelum sets him on the side of the hospital bed. "Hi baby sissy." He gently brushes his finger over her cheek.

"What's hers name mama?" My son asks in the softest voice I've ever heard him speak in.

"Leyla Alya Knight."


The End

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