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Two knocks echo through my office.

"It's unlocked," I shout through the wood.

The first sound that hits my ears is the sound of heels clicking against the floors. At first, I felt a pang of excitement in my stomach. Until I see who actually walked through my door. My past uproots itself and stands in the center of my office.

My muscles lock and my face goes blank, "What are you doing here?"

She shrugs, her short frame looking as poised as ever. It's ticking me off. "I thought I would be welcomed here, I guess not."

Abruptly, I stand up, my chair pushing behind me. "You need to leave right now." Before I do something to hurt you.

"Non essere così," don't be like that, she says in Italian, as if it's supposed to bring us closer together. Nothing can heal what she has broken.

"I don't know why you're here right now, but you have to get out of my office before I have someone throw you out."

She rolls her neck, walking closer. My eyes shoot venom at her, and she stops just a few feet away. Too close. It makes my blood boil but I can't show it. I can't give her the reaction she wants.

"Voglio mia figlia," I want my daughter back.

I laugh in her face. She flinches because of how dry and cold it is. A look of disbelief crosses my features and I step toward her angrily, "You left. You don't get to have her back."

It's incredible she even had the audacity to come here, to ask me that. It's beyond perplexion that she could ever fathom the possibility that she could ever have her back. I would never let that happen.

"She's my daughter!" She exclaims in the same disbelief, "I'm her mother-"

"You were never her mother!" I shout with my entire chest, getting in her face, "She doesn't even know who you are!"

She takes a disorientated step back, her hair swaying against her back, "How can you even say that? After everything we've been through-"

"Everything means nothing since the day you walked out of that hospital room! Everything meant nothing when you left me alone, clueless, at 23, with a little girl who could barely breathe on her own!" All the feelings I've shoved in the past come bubbling back up.

She was barely 5 pounds when she was born. My life has been fulfilled with just one mission since then: to take care of her until the end of time. "I gave you multiple times to come back two years ago. You've given it all up now. You don't get another chance!"

The door to my office opens again. The heels clicking against the marble sound faster, peppier. Until they come to a sudden stop, filling the room with silence. I look to my right and see her.

Hana stands right where this mess of a woman once stood and it makes me want to scream for her to move. But I can't, not right now.

"Chi è quello?" Who is that? She asks me in a hushed voice, pulling me out of my trance.

I don't want her talking about Hana. I turn back to the smaller woman, a glare on my face. "None of your fucking business," I mutter at her, my jaw clenched.

She scoffs, "Quella è la tua nuova ragazza?" Is that your new girlfriend?

Stop talking about her.

"Partire," leave, I demand.

I can already see the look on her face that says she won't listen.

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