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Alright guys. This is sudden, but Chapter 44 has been moved to a new book. I think it's time to start a new book since this one is already very long like an eleven hour read. I thank everyone of you who journeyed thus far on my novel. I hope you enjoyed the ride and ready to continue it on the new book too! Thanks for all your supports and votes for this book 'Wei Ying adopted by Hualian' which had been serialized since October of 2021 until today which is March of 2022.

The book may have ended but the story continues. Follow along with our cotton ball, Wei Ying, as he embarks on his own journey in the world of martial arts, experience fateful encounters and learn about the beauty of love. [I know it sounds cheezy; I just wanted to write it.]

The new book is named 'The Scarlet Sunset' and you can find it in my profile in my works. Or i'll drop the link in the comments so you can go faster.

[P.S. I have no idea why I named the book like that. I have terrible sense at naming books, I know best. However, it'll have to make do until I find a better one. Suggestions are welcome but I will not change it unless I like it.

Same for the title of this book.]

ANd pLeaSe vOtE! tHiS  AutHoR iS LiVinG oFF oF vOtES. ThE stORy onLy hAs LiKE '43' ChAPTerS. (although there are 45 parts due to the special chapter and Author's Notes)
 ThE aUThOR NEeD VoTES tO sUrViVe!!

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