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"Come on now stop crying!! You have done enough of it for past two weeks."
My older brother Samuel said as he entered my much messy room.

"What do you want me to do huh? Throw a big ass party about how my boyfriend of three years cheated on me with none other than my best friend!!" I sobbed harder as I rubbed handful of tissues to my nose.

"Jen!! No!! I know how you are feeling right now. But you need to get up for yourself. You are such a strong girl. I want you to get a job, work hard and enjoy your life. Don't waste your precious time on those two useless people." He caressed my hair.

"You know what? You're correct. I should get a good job. I have studied for that. Now no one can stop me from working, unlike earlier my crazy ex boyfriend used to." I said angrily.

"That's the spirit. Here's your laptop. Come on, search it up." He handed me my MacBook. My laptop has pink cover with flowers on it. It looks pretty.

"How did I get so lucky to have you as my brother?" I looked at him teary eyed.

"To be honest, you are lucky. Mom dad literally picked you up from the garbage."
He tried to muffle his laugh but failed.

"Samuel!!!" I yelled at him.


"How about this one?" I pointed at one advertisement on laptop.

"Read it loud." Sam said sitting on opposite side of bed munching caramel popcorn.

"Can't you stop eating for like two minutes and come see for yourself?" I looked at him annoyed by his munching.

"I'm eating through my mouth. I can hear through my ears. Read it loud, lady!"

"Fine, a young confident, with business degree, good soft skills, good physique. Job: Personal assistant to the CEO.
WILSON CLOTHING. If interested report to head quarters on Monday 9:00 AM with your resume.

"Sister don't you think it's too late for this job?"

"Why? The interview is tomorrow morning. Right now it's Sunday afternoon. What's big deal?"

"Wilson Clothing head quarters is in New York." He said calmly.

"What?! Are you serious?" I looked at him terrified.

"Yes Jen. It's such a huge company for god's sake. Haven't you heard about it earlier?"

"There's no time for this. I need to book flight for New York right now." I searched the earliest flight to my destination.

"Yes I got it. Flight leaves in 4 hours. Oh my god!! I need to pack!!" I frantically run to my closet.

What do I need? What do I need?

Something formal!!!

I throw various outfits from my closet. Why do I have such trash outfits? I need formal clothes. After rummaging through several outfits I found one which suited best for the tomorrow's interview.

"Heyy!! Can you just go through my resume once?" I ask my brother as I pack some necessary make up items.

"Jen you can get good job here in California too. Why go to New York?" He came to me.

"Sam, working in New York has been my dream since childhood. And you know that. Please? It will be a great opportunity for me to learn." I placed my hand on his arm.

"But then you will move to New York. I will have to live here alone."

"Sam!! I will come here to meet you. You can come there to meet me. We will be fine." I assured him.

After our parents death it was just the two of us supporting each other.

"Then who will....." I stopped him.

"Samuel Landon Martin. You check my resume this instance. Don't forget I have flight to catch." I said in my stern voice.

"Alright young lady."


"Good luck! Do your best." My brother hugged me at the airport.

"Yes, thanks a lot Sam. For you know everything." I smiled.

"Shut up and go." He ruffled my hair.


After all the process, I was now seated in my flight to New York. I was nervous would be an understatement. I would reach there by mid night. I have already book the hotel. And tomorrow morning my interview will take place.

The flight attendant gave all the necessary instructions. The flight took off.

New York here I come........


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