Chapter 12

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Amanda's POV~

Cheers sounded around the room, happy faces were plastered on each and every one of us; some with tears streaming down their faces, sobbing. Alex finally did it—he was now a married man.

As the Wedding March played, the newlyweds walked hand-in-hand down the aisle. Friends and family congratulated them as they walked by. Some guy (who I'm guessing is Alex's friend) patted him on the back, yelling, “It's about time, man,” as he ruffled his hair up. Alex chuckled, punching him lightly on the shoulder before making his way over to us.

"Congratulations!" Izzy was the first one to speak, giving Alex a quick hug. She turned towards Jenna. Her smile widened when she saw Izzy again. "I'm so happy for you Jenna!"

"Thanks! Did you enjoy the wedding?" she asked kindly, her hazel eyes still glowing with joy.

"It was magical."

We all nodded our heads, agreeing with Izzy. It really was.

"Well, I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves," she said happily, clapping her hands together. "I'll meet you at the hotel, alright?" Her eyes gazed at us, waiting for our answer.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Izzy said, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement.

Waving goodbye to the happy couple, Izzy and Thomas went off to find their little sisters, with her parents traveling behind them. I thought John was going to stay with us, but he said goodbye to Danny and Jeyleen, saying he'd meet them at the reception later.

I sighed, playing with my purse as I tried to distract myself from the pain. Not even a glance. Or a goodbye.

"So, wanna head over to the reception now?" Neal's soft voice asked as I watched John's shoes disappearing down the hall.

I looked up, a bit sad. "Sure. Come on, Neal."

He stared down at me in confusion, his eyebrows arched down in concern. "Are you okay?" he whispered quietly as we followed after Jeyleen and Danny, so as to not get separated.


"You sure?" he probed.

"Yeah." I nodded, letting a ghost of a smile slip onto my face. I hope that convinced him.

He sighed, letting go of the subject. Thank god. We walked side by side in complete silence until we saw the limo up ahead. Danny and Jeyleen were already seated when Neal pushed the door shut, not letting me in.

I gave him a confused look before he grinned, then pulled the door open for me, bowing as he did so.

"Here you go, m'lady," he said in a horrible British accent, motioning with his hands to head inside.

I giggled, getting what he was doing now. "Why, thank you, kind sir." I crossed my legs, curtseying.

"No problem." He winked, pushing the door closed with his hand.

As I rolled down the black-tinted window, I noticed him walking away. I called his name, stopping him. He whipped around, smiling. "You're not riding with us?"

He pointed his thumb behind him. "I got my own ride. I'll meet you at the reception since I can't leave my car here."

"Okay, see you soon!" We waved goodbye before I rolled the window up, settling into my seat. I gave the command to our driver and he tilted his hat before twisting the wheel to the right, moving away from the curb.

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