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the fact that i wrote this whole...thing because of some prompt i found on pinterest. also, omg we need 10 votes for 1k!! thank you so much guys!!

— MARINETTE DIDN'T know how she ended up like this.

In fact, she couldn't believe she even ended up like this and was still alive. Clearly, having Tikki's luck was extremely helpful.

She straightened her back to an almost painful angle as she heard her 'leader's' icy voice echo through the room.

"Marinette," Talia Al Ghul greeted her, and silently, Marinette took her appointed place next to the woman.

Ra's Al Ghul seated himself next to Talia, leaning back in his chair.

Slowly, all the other members of the League of the Assassins filtered into the room as Talia and Ra's watched on impassively.

Without giving a single thought away, Marinette wondered what today's meeting was about.

Generally, Talia told her everything (as her right-hand woman, so to say) and needless to say, Marinette took advantage of it to prepare herself.

However, for this particular meeting, Talia hadn't breathed a single word to Marinette. In fact, Marinette wasn't even aware it was to happen today until a low-ranking member informed her of it.

Blank mask faltering for a milli-second, Marinette panicked and wondered if she had blown her cover somehow and this meeting was to discuss her fate.

"Welcome, honoured members of the League of the Assassins," Talia said smoothly, oblivious to Marinette's panic. "Apologies for calling this unexpected and unplanned meeting; something urgent has to be communicated."

Marinette breathed a sigh of relief; she hadn't blown her cover - this was a completely unplanned meeting.

Thank the kwamis.

"Recently," Ra's leaned forward now, adding his own contribution. "A few assassins found the body of a certain individual you may recognize the name of...Jason Todd."

There was no physical reaction of any of the trained assassins, but Marinette, with her slightly enhanced hearing, could hear several heartbeats picking up; in excitement or fear, she couldn't tell.

"Ra's and I plan to resurrect him with the use of the Lazarus Pits, a magical creation I am sure you have heard of." Talia continued.

This time there was a reaction. Several of the assassins straightened even further with a jerk, while others looked at Talia, aghast.

"You cannot be serious!" One assassin cried out.

He was quickly shut up with a frosty glare from Marinette. She needed to know more about this.

From all she had learnt about the vigilantes of Gotham, she knew that Jason Todd had been one of the Robins, killed by the infamous, insane Joker. Batman had, apparently, taken his death hard, being crueller and crueller with the criminals until the third Robin came along; Timothy Drake.

Not that the league knew she had that knowledge.

The saying that knowledge was power rang especially true in the situations that Marinette often found herself in, particularly with Talia.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when Talia shot the assassin who interrupted a particularly evil glare. "As I was saying, we plan to resurrect him in the Lazarus Pits, as per the wish of my father, and keep him under our care."

Ah, Marinette thought, so that was the point of all this.

Keeping someone under the league's care essentially meant converting them into one of their own.

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