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Hiiii fellow Wattpadiansss!!!! It has been so so so damn long since I have interacted with you guys. And trust me, I miss this family so much, that's why I just can't leave you guys so will be coming back this year with a bang. Now there are two very very very important announcements that I need to make.

First................I wouldn't tell right now hehehehehe. But I can give you a bit of a hint. TMAHLQ will be releasing on Amazon THIS MARCH!!!! YES YES YESSSSS, I am releasing TMAHLQ part I at the moment, this month and I am so very excited for you guys to finally read it. The new version is much much much better, has many many changes, some personality of some characters are changed, e.g Ashton is made more hot, Sophia's character too has changed a bit as she was shown a bit too weak in the starting, Everleigh has become more cuter and less annoying, and Massimo? He has become more loving than before. There are some changes in the plot, some addition of scenes and some removal but for the best. So overall? It is so much better. I have been making some changes and showing to some of the people who wanted to see in the discord private group, so if you are still not on discord? Do join it, you get exclusive content there.

So, I'll make a separate post for the release date. And another happy news following the heading of this one, making into the category of a subheading? PAPERBACKS FOR TMAHLQ WILL BE AVAILABLE! I asked on my instagram as well as discord and many many many people wanted paperbacks, so I am also working my ass of to make that available. Kindle version too will be available and hence, I cannot wait for you guys to read it. And whoever buys it whether kindle version or paperback? Do mention me in your stories, the book account as well as my personal, so that I can share your story. It would be a pleasure at my end to see you guys reading a better version of Sashton.

Moreover, the cover is made and guys????? Beautiful. The cover is nothing but simple beauty to me. Many people had the issue that the cover shouldn't be smutty or they would have some family problems, so don't worry, the cover is perfect and something that your parents wouldn't judge you for it. So keep waiting, this march? TMAHLQ is finally going live on Amazon but only part I. I cannot upload the other parts right now due to some problems that I am facing but I promise, that too will happen sooner.

Now the second news?

I got engaged.

Lmfao yes. This was a very very big news and one of the reasons that the main video which I had promised for tmahlq got late. I vividly remember telling you guys last year, and I even forgot which month that I would be making a grand video for tmahlq and releasing it soon but then I got engaged and couldn't find any time, motivation or even energy. I was too lazy to do anything, I daily looked at my laptop and daily told myself to work on the project which has been due but I never found any energy to move a limb. So the video which could be made in 3/4 days? Was made in 6 months only because I kept refusing to open the laptop and continue my work.

And hence, meet my fiancee- Mr.Procrastination. We were extremely in love and hence this baby got late.

Now, the great news is that today, I woke up at like 2 in the morning, started working on the project's last ending script at 4 30 and finished it finally at 10am, without even moving from my seat, that's how invested I was. The video is done and is about to go live on YouTube but let me tell you a few things before hand. I am not a professional and I am not at all a great editor or designer or composer. I have never made such high end videos and this was my FIRST time ever, making a proper high definition video on a proper editing software so there are bound to have errors. I had low budget and couldn't afford proper editors, filming and equipment to produce an amazing film but I still managed to make it all on my own. There are 2 parts to the video, only part I will be uploaded right now because part II isn't ready. The script is but the execution hasn't started yet, so hopefully, fingers crossed, that too happens with a bang.

Now nothing is perfect in this world. No human, no place and no project. And similarly, my project too has some weak areas, has some defaults and has some scenes which you might not like or might hate and I am totally okay with that because I myself being the author, editor and designer did not like but the end point being is? This was my first time. This was my absolute first time with no training whatsoever and the fact that nothing is perfect. So, I hope that you guys will go easy on me this time lmao. Do like the video, do subscribe, do share and please do do do comment underneath it to let me know your views.

Three other videos are already up on YouTube under my own name, "ANA CHAUDHRY." Those videos too aren't great but they still are up there. The grand video is coming out on March 14, 2022 at 2pm PKT time. Mark your calendars, set your timers, subscribe to the channel to get a notification and see you all there tomorrow with hopefully somewhat a positive response and please do comment your views underneath.

This is the thumbnail of the video being released tomorrow

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This is the thumbnail of the video being released tomorrow. Hope you love it!

Love love love you guys loads!!!! Sashtians are forever the best.


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ALSO, there is a whole section in the video dedicated to Everleigh. So, I collected some cute ass videos for that little girl too, hoping that you would love it.


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