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in honour of 1k votes on this book (omg guys, thank you!!), i present to you the second part of dead (or not). it's short but i kinda love it. once again, i got my prompts from pinterest. 

— JASON CRINGED as he watched Marinette's face go through a multitude of expression changes and finally land on one; a mix of anger and surprise (probably wondering how he managed to escape through the tiny vents of the building).

He had a feeling that this wasn't going to end well for him, especially when Marinette strode up to him, inches away from his face.

Feeling his heartbeat speed up and palms growing sweaty, Jason cursed himself for developing his stupid crush on Marinette.

Even though he didn't know anything about her at the time, in a few weeks, Jason had managed to develop a crush on Marinette, her somewhat sweet manner and overall badassness just drawing him in and doing things to him.

His crush was only further encouraged when he did a 'little' research on Marinette using the Justice League's extensive databases.

After a little more in-depth research of history, it wasn't hard to figure out why Marinette was at the League of Assassins.

Sorely regretting his decision to try and poke the answer out of Marinette before he left, Jason resigned himself to the fact that he would never meet Marinette again.

Or so he thought, the situation in front of him proving him wrong.

"So," Jason said casually, leaning back a little. Marinette's close proximity was being very distracting. "On a scale of one to ten, how bad do you want to kill me right now?"

Marinette shot him a smile; all teeth and nothing like the girl she was in the pictures he found of her past (Jason wasn't stalking her! He just happened to find them and happened to memorise them).

"Right now," Marinette trailed a slim finger over his arm, all the way to his chest. "I'm hovering somewhere in the high thirties."

Jason gulped for two reasons. One, well that wasn't good, and two, holy shit he never knew a finger could be so utterly distracting.

"Well," he stuttered, cheeks darkening to a shade of red. "I didn't-"

"But," Marinette interrupted him, hands looping around his neck now. "I did just get you back, and to be honest, I don't particularly want to lose you again. Do you know just how many nights of sleep I lost because of you?"

Jason opened his mouth to answer a very cautious answer, but, apparently, it was a rhetorical question because a few seconds later, Marinette tugged his face towards hers.

His lips found their place on hers, fitting together like they were two puzzle pieces.

For the first few seconds, Jason was frozen. Pinned against the wall, his hands were by his sides, not doing anything until his snapped back to his senses.

Turning the tables, Jason turned Marinette around so she was pinned against the wall, and moving his lips against hers, Jason wrapped his hands around her waist tightly and possessively.

After a few minutes, air was becoming more and more a necessity that they both needed, but Jason was unwilling to let go, even for a gulp of air.

In fact, they would have gone right on kissing until they passed out, had Tim not barged in.

"Are you guys done?" he asked impatiently, eyes glued to his phone. "I have things to do and- oh my god, my eyes!"

He ran out of the room screaming and yelling about being "mentally scarred" and "never recovering" and Jason had a feeling that a lot of people were going to be asking him questions later.

But right now, that wasn't his priority.

His priority was the girl in front of him, with sparkling blue eyes and a smug smirk on her lips.

"So," she said, teasingly. "That's that."

Jason groaned, already knowing that she somehow knew Tim was coming and did nothing about it.

"I hate you," he mumbled into her shoulder. "So much."

Marinette smirked into his shoulder, again. "That's not what I felt a few seconds ago."

Sighing as he straightened himself, Jason wondered what the hell possessed him to like a girl like Marinette.

Her amazing personality (and looks) were certainly not worth this.

At least, that's what he told himself in that moment. 

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