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───── ⋆♡⋆ ────

Everyone was watching and shocked, his lips still against hers.

She couldn't believe it. Her crush kissing her.

Jiwoo slightly pushed Sunghoon backwards to create distance between the two. The lips of the boy and girl parted.

Jiwoo looked at Jake. He quickly looked the other way after seeing that Jiwoo was looking at him. He bit his lower lip and turned himself around. Before Jiwoo could make an action, Jake ran away.

The girl looked at him, watching him walk away. She swallowed and turned her head back to Sunghoon, who was still staring at her. "Sunghoon..." Jiwoo said softly.

Sunghoon chuckled and tilted his head slightly, "The only one who is jealous is Jake."

Jiwoo scoffed and rolled her eyes before turning around, "I hate you, Park Sunghoon."

She took a step forward, but was stopped by two arms wrapped around waist. Quickly, she let a squeal escape from her mouth.

"Are you sure you hate me?" His whisper in her ear sent shivers down her body. She felt his warm breath on her neck.

"Yes," Jiwoo replied shortly.

Sunghoon sighed and let go of Jiwoo, who didn't know how fast to run away chasing Jake.

The boy turned back around to talk to Jay, but saw nothing but an entire hallway full of students all staring at him.

"Sunghoon," Jay spoke up.

He turned his head toward his best friend, "What is it, Jay?"

Jay swallowed, "Is Jiwoo perhaps your girlfriend?"


"Jake!" Jiwoo ran toward his desk, where Jake was lying with his head on. Jake didn't even think of looking up to look at her after the incident. He couldn't look at her.

He was extremely jealous, again. Several thoughts played through his head. He hated the feeling. Why Sunghoon? Why always Sunghoon? And why not him?

Jiwoo sighed and grabbed the chair from the desk in front of Jake's and pushed it toward his desk. She sat down in front of his desk and caressed his hair a few times, "Are you mad?"

"No," Jake hummed and closed his eyes, "I'm just exhausted." He lied as he sat up straight in his chair and stared at Jiwoo.

The girl looked at him too and both made eye contact. Jiwoo gulped, "Should I take you to the nurse otherwise?"

Jake remained silent and sighed a moment later before shaking his head back and forth, "No."

"All of you sit down in your seats!" Loud yelling startled the two friends. Jiwoo flinched and quickly turned herself around, only to see that strange man again with the glasses and his odd hair. It was the same man as the one who was also screaming earlier in the hallways and looking at the girl strangely.

Jiwoo sighed deeply rolled her eyes, "How come he's teaching us now? Why necessarily our class?"

Jake shrugged his shoulders, " I have no idea."

Everyone in the class ran to his, her or their seat and quickly sat down.

"I'm your new teacher for the upcoming term. Please call me nicely by the name Mr. Choi." The new teacher introduced himself to the class as he put his bag down on his desk and sat down on his chair, "We're not going to do anything today but watch a Netflix movie, because I'm too lazy to teach on my first day."

The whole class started cheering, "Yay, Netflix!" "This is the best teacher ever!"

Jiwoo frowned and turned toward Jake, who was sitting behind her, "This guy is really weird." She whispered to Jake.

The boy nodded up and down in agreement, "Agreed, no teacher does this. Something's not right, I'm sure of it."

Jiwoo her eyes widened, "What do you mean something is not right?"

"Jiwoo! Quiet! Your classmates want to see the movie!" The deep male voice suddenly shouted at her.

The girl flinched again and turned her head to the teacher, who looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

Jake suddenly stood up from his chair out of nowhere, "Mr. Choi."

Mr. Choi tilted his head slightly and looked at him, "What is it?"

"How do you know Jiwoo's name without her ever introducing herself to you?"


"Thanks, Jake," Jiwoo began as she sighed and plopped down on a chair in an empty classroom, "Because of you, we now have to stay in detention."

Jake looked at Jiwoo in disbelief, "Didn't you think it was strange then? That he suddenly knew your name without you ever saying your name."

Jiwoo looked towards Jake, "It was indeed strange, but now we are here. And that all because of you."

"Maybe he's a weird, scary pedophile and I did save you! So just be thankful that we're here and not with that teacher because who knows you might get kidnapped by him in a minute and we'll never see each other again!"

The girl's eyes widened and her mouth fell open in surprise when Jake suddenly started yelling at her, "I-"

"Jiwoo," a familiar voice interrupted her.

Jake already saw the person because his face was facing it and Jiwoo's was not. She was sitting with her back to the person, but from the sound of the voice, she immediately knew who it was.

She scoffed and quickly bit her lower lip, "Go away, Sunghoon." She said, irritated.

Before she could turn herself around, she felt two arms slide over her shoulders hugging her. Jiwoo hissed softly and looked toward Jake, who immediately turned himself around with his back to the two.


Sunghoon said nothing and laid his head on Jiwoo's left shoulder. He closed his eyes and enjoyed being around her.


"Jiwoo, I have to be honest," Sunghoon interrupted as he still held Jiwoo in the same position and his head was still on her shoulder.

Jake turned around out of curiosity, but immediately felt jealousy rise in him when he saw Sunghoon holding Jiwoo. He sighed softly and rubbed his lower arm. Jiwoo saw Jake turn around and looked at him as if she needed help.

She lip-synched the words 'What is he up to?'

Jake shrugged his shoulders and then looked sadly down at his feet.

"What is it, Sunghoon? What do you need to be honest about?" Jiwoo asked softly.

"I love you."

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