The Sleep Deprivation Chronicles (Sonic the Hedgehog x Sleep Deprived!Reader)

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Requested by: KelseyPrincessOfSamo

Day 1 (or three?):

The hours blur together. I have sleepies in my eyes, like, twenty four seven. I have a headache. Is this what feeling hungover is like? Grammar sucks.

Everything was so loud. Why was everything so loud? The lights were too bright, cameras flashing, her cheeks ached from fake smiles-

"You okay?" His voice was soothing and comforting, and (Y/n) looked over at Sonic with a grateful smile.

"Yeah," she lied. "Thanks, though."

"No problem. You just seem a little overwhelmed." Sonic wrapped an arm around her waist, and she was sure if she'd gotten any sleep in the last seventy two hours she wouldn't have felt the butterflies at his touch. A camera flashed straight at the pair and she flinched.

The media's going to eat this up, twist it into something it's not, embarrass me and make Sonic push me away- She forced her thoughts to quiet, positive they were only running rampant due to her lack of sleep. If Sonic had been uncomfortable, he wouldn't be holding her so close.

They made it inside the building, the crowd parting at the doors to allow the Freedom Fighters entrance. Antoine and Bunnie linked arms, leading the charge with Sally, Rotor, Tails, and Amy bringing up the rear with Sonic and (Y/n) in the middle. Though everyone was craning their necks to see the blue blur. She felt small next to him. She wanted to go to sleep.

Except every time she tried to do that, she would stare hopelessly at the ceiling for hours, fantasizing over things that could never be. Not that that was the only reason. Chronic insomnia was a pain, as she'd come to understand.

Hiding it, though, was even more of a pain. Saving the world was a full time job, and not one that came with time off or guaranteed nights of rest. Sleep with one eye open, or, in her case, don't sleep at all.

"Why did we have to do this again?" Rotor asked quietly, nudging Sally to get her attention. She didn't take her attention of the crowds, waving with a friendly grin.

"No such thing as bad publicity," she said through a smile. "They need to be able to relate to us for us to keep getting support from organizations like GUN and other companies. We're people, too."

"And it's fun," Sonic said, winking at someone. They swooned, falling back into their companions. (Y/n) rolled her eyes, her temper soured by her sleepless nights. Sonic didn't do romance. Everyone should know this by now.

They walked onto a stage, sitting at a table with spots designated for each Freedom Fighter by their name. (Y/n) was seated between Sonic and Bunnie, the rabbit squeezing the (a/t)'s hand comfortingly under the table.

She wanted to go to sleep. As always. But whenever she wanted to go to sleep and it was convenient, her brain always said no.

But when they were in public, and the murmur of the crowd blurred into white noise, she found her eyelids drooping and her ears flopping forward.

"Hey." She felt his fingers on her chin, lifting her head and turning it towards him. She blinked open her eyes, furrowing her eyebrows. Sonic tilted his head, his expression one of concern.

"And that was our next question," the interviewer onstage announced. "Sonic, are you and (Y/n) becoming serious?" Her gaze snapped to the interviewer.

"No," she responded instantly, hearing a muttered reply from Sonic behind her. She turned around to kick his shin.

"She's right," Sonic said louder. "We're just friends." He lifted a finger. "Says the lady, and that's that. Next question, please."

"Says the lady?" (Y/n) hissed to him, shoving his shoulder as the interviewer turned her attention to Sally. "You know how that sounds, right?"

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