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She felt their judging stares as she passed, boring into her back. She walked among heroes, but did she deserve to? No one knew much about her. She didn't give the media much to work off of.

But they knew her face. They could pick her out of a crowd, turning the cameras to face her along with cruel, demeaning whispers.

She was a nobody, and she'd still managed to gain the attention of the world's beloved heroes. And the less fortunate didn't like that.

Cameras subtly lifted as she pushed into the bakery, just in search of a cupcake to satisfy her sweet craving. She walked up to the front desk; the attendant was nice enough, but the customer perusing the displays turned, recognizing the (a/t).

"(Y/n), right?" she said when the attendant went to get the (a/t)'s cupcake. She turned to the stranger, nodding politely. "Crazy, huh?"

(Y/n) didn't respond. She knew better by now. The stranger continued anyway. "Like, you would think Sonic and Co. would have chosen to hang out with someone with more...stature." A prod on her height. How original. One of her ears twisted backwards uncomfortably nonetheless. "Stature and status, I mean."

That attendant really needed to hurry up.

"You probably just slow them down," the stranger said. "There's nothing special about you at all!" There was definitely venom in her tone now. And it wasn't as if (Y/n) hadn't heard these things before, but they still stung.

The stranger opened her mouth to no doubt keep taking jabs at the (a/t) when her ears flattened and she looked oddly nervous. (Y/n) turned to look where her assailant was staring, jumping slightly at the imposing silhouette at the bakery doors. He moved so the light illuminated half his features - Shadow. He stalked forward, coming face to face with the stranger, who shrank into herself.

"You're not so tall yourself," he said in a deadly quiet voice. He glanced at (Y/n), who smiled nervously. He leaned closer to the stranger, his upper lip curling in disgust. "How about you tell me all your complaints."

"I-I don't have any," she stammered. He bared his teeth and (Y/n) stepped forward, lightly touching his arm.

"That's enough," she said in a soft voice. Shadow glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, then back to the cowering stranger. He then pulled the (a/t) into his side, hissing slightly at her assailant.

"Don't come near her again," he snapped. The stranger nodded vigorously before scurrying away.

"(Y/n)?" the attendant called, holding up a white box. Shadow walked forward with her, taking the box for her and nodding curtly before turning them both and marching out the door.

"You don't need to be so overbearing," she said quietly.

"I wasn't overbearing," Shadow replied sourly. "You need to learn to stand up for yourself."

"I find it best not to react," she said.

"You see how well that worked," he growled. "She wasn't backing off, and I don't know if you noticed, but others were filming it. You look incapable, and that's far from the truth." His grip loosened on her and he led them to a park bench, sitting next to her and handing her the box. "They should know who you really are."

"I appreciate that," she murmured, "but I'm not like you. I can't be big. Both figuratively and literally." Shadow leaned down and touched his nose lightly to her forehead.

(Y/n) was short. Laughably short, apparently. A head shorter than Shadow, tiny compared to Vector, and puny, according to Omega. The robot wasn't sensitive, but she didn't mind. It was part of his personality.

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