Chapter 2: a second chance?

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"Thank you for taking me to the park mommy/daddy!." summer said happily. "Your welcome sweetie." I said smiling at the small girl as she ran off to go play with the other kids. I smiled gently at my little girl and sat down at one of the benches.

(Time skip)

I was relaxing on the bench quietly watching the kids play around, and then I heard a familiar voice spoke. "Ms/Mr l/n fancy seeing you here!." I turned to see Henry wearing a casual red t-shirt and dark blue pants and black sneakers and still wearing his usual glasses. "Oh! Hi Henry fancy seeing you here as well, how's your day going?." I asked with a smile., "I'm doing great now that you're here with me." he said smiling happily. I blushed at the comment and spoke. "Oh umm I'm glad to hear that Henry.." I said looking away from embarrassment, and he seemed to notice that I was blushing. "y/n your face is red do you have a fever?." he asked. "Oh! I don't Henry it's just ummm....I'm...I'm hot! Yeah it's pretty hot today huh?." I said nervously. "well I guess you've got a point. So why are you here?." "Well I decided to take summer to the park today." I said. "Oh that's the same reason I'm here, Sammy and Charlotte wanted to come." he said sitting next to me, we began to have a conversation talking about each other's life, telling jokes and practically having a good time. "MOMMY/DADDY! LOOK LOOK! I MADE A NEW FRIEND!." summer said running twords me with a boy about her age with brown eyes and brown hair and he had tan skin.

"Mommy/daddy this is Oliver- Oh hi Charlie's daddy!." she said then waved at Henry. Henry smiled and waved at summer and then turning to look at Oliver. "Hi Summer's mom/dad! It's nice to meet you!." he said sweetly.

"Awww it's nice to meet you too Oliver! Where's your parents?." I asked. "Oh! Lemme go get my daddy so you can meet him!." he said running off to go get his dad, summer walked up to Henry and hugged him. Henry smiled and hugged the small girl as she giggled, "they look so cute I can't-." I thought smiling.

"IM BACK!. Summer and Summer's mom/dad this is my dad!." Oliver said. I turned to look at them and. "y/n?." "Adam...." I said coldly. "Wow you still look beautiful as if it was the day I first met you." "For starters I'm always beautiful, and second I regret the day I first met AND fell in love with you..." I said as I feel my blood boil.

He then turned to summer and smiled gently. " sweet summer you look so big since the last time I saw you, my beautiful baby girl." he said trying to hug her but summer was quick to react and crawled on Henry's lap and hid her face in his chest. "Ummmm who the hell is he?." "Its none of your concern to know who I am, so please make this easy for all of us and please leave." "excuse me? This is my wife/husband!." Adam yelled clearly annoyed by Henry. " *ex wife/husband" Henry said. Adams eye twitches slightly but he knew he couldn't do anything.

"DADDY! there you are- SUMMER!." Charlotte squealed. Summer's eyes lit up when she saw Charlotte and Sammy and hugged them. "Hi Summer's mom/dad!." "Hello Charlotte and Sammy!." I said waving. Adam just glared at Henry and Henry just rolled his eyes obviously not wanting to deal with his bullshit.

"Sooo y/n are you busy today? Cause y'know I want to catch up with you and our daughter." "Im not you're daughter dumbass-" summer said. We all looked at her in shock. "Summer, Mama's language." I said. "Im sorry mommy/daddy." she said I nodded at her and turned. "umm I am busy toda-" "Busy with what? Hm? Busy with wha-." "The kids are having a playdate." "And you're ruining it!." Charlie said glaring daggers at Adam.

Adam rolled his eyes at her and turned to summer. "Come on Mama's don't you want to spend time with your daddy?." he said trying to persuade her. "Hmmm let me think...............No" "But-" "Who wants to go to McDonald's?." Henry said cutting him off. "ME!." the kids yell. Oliver just stared at his dad in shock and spoke. "Im telling mom on you I hate you!." he said running to his "mother" Adam glared at us and ran after his son pleading him not to.

".....let's just go" "Alright."

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