XLVI. Brewing Storm

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Levi repeatedly hit his chest to try and alleviate the pain. He hissed at the unpleasant feeling in his upper body. He paused for a brief moment before finally replying to Jungwon's question.

"W-Who are you???" he asked.

It is as Jungwon expected. Levi doesn't remember him at all. It's not completely a bad thing though, it's just that he thought Levi wouldn't be able to forget him.

Levi really wasn't feeling well. He doesn't know why he suddenly has this chest pain - all he knows is that he needs to get to the infirmary. He stumbled as he tried walking away, luckily Aeri was there to catch him.

"Levi! What's wrong?!" she said as she placed her hand on top of his forehead, checking if his temperature is high - and it was.

"Uncomfortable...chest...infirmary..." he said in stutters, though Aeri understood right away what he meant.

Minji walked over to them as fast as she could in order to assist Aeri in assisting Levi. Each girl carried one of Levi's arms, helping the limping boy walk to the clinic.

"Ahh, Jungwon, right?" Aeri faced the boy as she asked her question.

Jungwon simply nodded as a response.

"Jungwon oppa, could you please stay here and watch the booth for me until I return? It'll be quick, I just have to bring Soju here to the infirmary."

"Soju???" Minji suddenly looked at her and wondered what on earth she was saying.

Aeri suddenly realized that she called Levi 'Soju' in front of other people. "Maybe no one noticed." she thought, so she just kept quiet to avoid suspicion.

"Ahh, that's probably her nickname for Levi. Cute." Minji laughed.

As the nearly fainted boy carried by two girls left for their destination, Jungwon stared at one of them - Levi of course.

He looked at the limping boy in a sorry and pitiful manner.

"I wonder what event will make you remember me. Though, I hope you won't remember me - for your sake."


Over the course of 3 weeks - everyone's lives and/or social relationships had quite a lot of progress.

Firstly, Jay had withdrawn from his criminology course. Though the lessons he learned still remain in his head, he chose to shift to a business management major. He realized that his family's company will be in his hands one day for he is an only child. If he continues to be what he initially chose, the company will be taken away from the Park name.

But he does hope that he will grow to love the choice he made.

For Sunghoon and Jake - their past few days had been a little bit sad and annoying. As always, Sunghoon's parents had pressured him a lot in terms of his college life. They pressure him too much to be excellent at everything - in academics, in figure skating, and in a new addition - an internship. They want him to excel in everything he does, which isn't completely a bad thing, but they pressure him too much that it makes him feel like a robot whose only purpose is to please everyone with his achievements.

As for Jake, his mother hasn't stopped pestering him about Sunghoon - though he finally found out why his mother is so obsessed with bringing him up all the time - it's because she is happy that Jake is happy. She said that she didn't mean to give the impression that she disagrees with their relationship. If anything, she only wanted Jake: to be honest, to be open to her, and to allow her to be a part of his life - thus all the questions about Sunghoon. Now, the only thing that worries him is his father

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