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Although I had gotten more than enough sleep my body felt drained. Had slept through my alarms, I rushed through my apartment yanking on my uniform. My throat was scratchy regardless of how much water I chugged down and a faint headache nestled itself at my temples.

I doubted that I was going to feel any better through the day, so I decided on a skirt instead of shorts today not planning to take part too much in activities. I groaned yanking my stocking, i glanced over to the stove clock checking the time.

My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I realized I was beyond late. I dashed out of the dorm making sure to lock the door behind me before running to the daycare. I flew down the daycare steps nearly slipping down them barely saving myself.

When I pushed the doors to the playroom open, I was glad to see that there were not as many children as usual, only a hand full were spread throughout the room a few were chasing Sunny around the playscape. I threw myself down into the chair, my breath labored the faint throbbing of my head had only increased to full pulsating thanks to the running.

I rested my head in my arms trying to shield my very sensitive eyes from the lights above while waiting for the computer to finish booting up.

"Morning little star." I turned to see Moon leaning back against the desk his arms crossed a smirk on his lips. "Little late today huh, tsk. tsk little star." He teased.

"Yeah sorry, I slept through my alarms." I confessed, shyly biting my lip. Moons lifted his hand resting on my head as he chuckled. His cool touch felt nice on my head reliving a bit of ache that made itself home.

"It's fine, it happens; just take it slow today you look a bit pale." He commented before moving his hand down to my forehead. A soft hmm~ came from my chest as I melted into the cool touch my eyes fluttering close with tiredness.

 "You feel a bit warm little star. Maybe you should be home resting." Concern was obvious in his voice. I opened my eyes, meeting his I gave him a soft smile before leaning back in my chair.

"I'm fine Moon, just tired today. I ran to the daycare today so I'm still warm from that." I lied fully knowing he was feeling a low grade fever.

"If you say so." he said before turning to the small children calling his name requesting him to read them a story. He threw me one of his signature smiles and a small wave before causal strolling over to the children. Even so it was easy to tell he was worried, I caught him glancing at me as he read them book after book.

The day itself was dragging by, my energy only seemed to drain further regardless of the amount of caffeine I force into my body. My body was stiff and heavy, my painful headache had dulled back down to a faint ache thanks to the relievers I took a while ago, but nothing seemed to give my sore throat relief.

I found myself dozing off occasionally, as I tackled the backed-up paperwork left by Mia, my annoyance with her growing with each document left unfinished or never touched. A ping on my computer caught my attention as I submitted yet another form into the database, I clicked over to the new notice email from management.


To: Faze Bear Entertainment Staff.

From: Lead Management team.

Subject: Mandatory Staff Meeting Today.


To Whom it concerns,

The Faze Bear Plaza will be closing early today, and all staff members are to report to the main atrium for a mandatory staff meeting after working hours. Dinner and refreshments will be provided. Please review the attachment above for schedule of meeting events and details. If staff have any questions, please reach out to one of the Management leads their contact information will be posted below.

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