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Y/N POV---

I'd been staying in the nurse's office for a few days, and it was Monday. Shouta was gonna teach me the lesson from that day within an hour or so, So I was in the bathroom cleaning myself up for the first time in almost a week. 

Recovery Girl got my soap from my dorm and my toothpaste and gave me a toothbrush. I washed my face a bit and sink washed my hair. (I do this a lot lol) 
I was finishing brushing my teeth when I heard Shouta walk in the Nurses office. 

"Y/N? Its Shouta, I'm here." He called. I spat out the remaining toothpaste in my mouth and rinsed my mouth out. 

"I'm in here!" I shouted. "give me two seconds, I'll be right out!" I said, Washing off my toothbrush. 

I brushed out my hair with my fingers as I walked out of the bathroom, turning off the light. 

Shouta was wearing his usual hoodie and some sweatpants. I sat back down on the bed I had been in for a while. the sheets were all nice and the bed was made since I was feeling bored so I cleaned the room for Recovery Girl. 

"Alright, Uh. Mina found me your notebooks and I have a textbook for you to hang onto but we wont need it." He said, handing me a few notebooks and the textbook. 

"Oh, Right. If you want to you can redesign or update your Hero Suit for the next two months. Just heads up." He explained, pulling out a few lesson papers and a few papers of his own notes.

"Okay, so today we we're talking a bit about some stuff from last year so it should be pretty simple. The only reason we're going over it, though, is because a few things changed so we are being required to teach you guys." He started.


"Make sense?" He asked. I scribbled down a few more notes and nodded with a smile. 
"Good! we'll go over this briefly tomorrow. But, I have to work with Eri later tonight so I may be a little late." He said, Picking up his papers and stacking them neatly.

"Oh! Tell her I said 'Hi,". Hows school going for her?" I asked, quickly looking over the notes I had down.
"Shes doing well, And I will." He laughed. He swept some of my hair out of my face and gave me a peck on the cheek. I felt myself turn red and froze. 

He chuckled again and walked off. 


I checked my clock impatiently. Shouta was two hours late. I started to get worried. What if he forgot? or was kidnapped?  

I let out a sigh of relief when I saw him walk in the room. He looked... Different. He looked a bit younger. Like, my age younger.

"Sorry I'm late, Eri accidentally used her quirk on me." He said. He was wearing a white tank-top that you could barely see his abs through. 

"But, Since Recovery Girl decided you're doing well you can come back to class! Classes will still resume even though I'm a bit... Younger. But, I still have all my knowledge and should be fine." He started to explain, sitting down In front of me in the messy bed. "You will have the choice to come back whenever suits you."

"Well that's good, when are you gonna get to normal?" I asked, glad I was gonna leave soon. Recovery girl tried her best to take care of me but she was always busy running around the school and with her part time job at the hospital. 

"Well, We don't know. As far as we know, Its not getting normal again until I turn 31 again in about 13 years." He said with a sigh.

"Which is fine, I don't mind one bit. Eri blames herself but I've assured her that its okay." He chuckled. 
"There's really no downside, but since I was able to use my quirk longer at this age I can use it longer now!" He smiled. That damned smile. He could get anyone to do absolutely anything with that smile. It made me want to cry because I felt blessed by his smile.

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