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Double update for Chapter 35-36



The rest of the journey back home is spent without talking to each other. When Nevaeh and I reach my penthouse, we go in our separate ways for obvious reasons. I can hardly control my anger, while Nevaeh is too occupied with Kai.

Her eyes are still glued to her phone. She might be trying to find a million excuses to tell him that we're not living together.

I stride into my home office and call Ashton. Even though I asked him to settle some business while I was away for the factory visit earlier today, I know that he's already back in my house with the reports.

He answers on the second ring.

"Meet me in my home office," I say before ending the call. I collapse into my chair, sighing as I rake my fingers through my hair.

Ashton knocks before entering the room. He shuts the door behind him.

"We had a call from Singapore." He approaches my desk, not knowing that I called him to talk about something unrelated to work. "The chairman wants to meet you in person to discuss our business deal."

"Kai Walker," I say, causing Ashton to stop in his track.

He stares at me with a lost expression.

"Find out who he is and give me every detail about him," I command.

"Is he a consultant?" Ashton squints at me. "Would you like him to review the market in Singapore? Or is he--"

"He's a college guy," I bark, losing my patience.

My chest heaves up and down while Ashton's mouth drops open. Then he does something that annoys me the most.

He howls with laughter.

I've never seen him laughing so hard. He even has to hold his stomach.

"Are you serious?" He stares at me with pure amusement. "Which college?"

I don't answer him, and a smirk creeps on his lips.

"Never mind," he says. "I bet it's Nevaeh's college."

Fucking correct. What about that, huh?

"I thought you wanted me to dig information about your business competitor," he says, still with a big smile on his face. "A college guy. Really?"

"Yes." My voice is low, filled with irritation.

The amusement on Ashton's face is even more visible now that my face darkens.

"Do you have any problem with that?" I speak in a dangerous tone.

Ashton only raises his eyebrows, completely unaffected by my threat. Of course, this man has been watching me since I was five years old. He'll always see me as a kid.

He chuckles. "I'd do as you wish. Kai Walker, right?"

I nod, and Ashton walks off with a grin. When he almost reaches the door, he turns around.

"The mechanic has fixed Nevaeh's car," he says. "But he asked me whether we want extra maintenance or not."

"Take as much time as he wants," I say. "I'll just have Sam driving Nevaeh around."

I hate to admit that I prefer this option, because I'll know where she goes and what happens to her.

Ashton nods. After he closes the door, I can hear him trying to muffle his laughter.

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