Chapter 13: Movie night

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Later that night...

Marinette and Felix were back at Marinette's place with Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto for their movie night. Marinette, Sakura, and Naruto were making cookies, mini sandwiches, and popcorn well Sakura was scolding Naruto while Marinette made cookies WHILE Sasuke and Felix were picking the movies.

"So, what are we thinking? Action? Horror? Thriller? All of the above?" Felix asked.

Sakura and Marinette looked at each other, "Romance?"

The guys looked at the girls in horror and screamed, "NO!"

"Geez no need to yell."

Sakura asked, "When are the others coming?"

Marinette looked at the time and said, "Right about..." Just then the others arrived at the door "Now."

"Heeeey." Chloe greeted.

Marinette crossed her arm and smiled, "Hey you guys, about time."

Kagami and Juleka then dragged themselves on the couch.

"Sorry, we ran into Chloe and Nino at the mall, she had us running around in the mall." Kagami explained.

Juleka pointed at Nino in annoyance and yelled, "It was all your fault."

Nino held his hands up in defense, "What did I do?"

"You fucking ditched us the minute she spotted us."

"Hey when it comes to Chloe shopping its every man, woman, and child for themselves."

Juleka and Kagami looked at Marinette who just shrugged and answered, "He's right."

"You guys are being dramatic." Chloe said as she tried to grab a cookie, but she ended getting her hand whacked by Sakura's spatula.

Luka looked at the tv and asked, "Did you guys pick a movie yet?"

Naruto then said, "Why don't we just watch Sakura's movie, she has 4 out already."

They looked at each other and nodded, "Sure."

Since Luka and Felix didn't know Sakura's movies, they let Sasuke choose. Sasuke decided to watch Sakura's second movie, "Honey lemon soda".

(Author: I highly recommend that movie for those who are looking for light romance. It's really cute and nothing too dramatic.)

Sakura, Marinette, and Chloe brought the snacks to the table while Naruto brought the sodas. As they sat down Sakura asked, "So what are we watching?"

"Honey lemon soda." Sasuke answered.

Sakura raised her eyebrow as she leaned on to him, "Really? I thought you guys didn't want to watch any romance?"

Sasuke just shrugged and as he ate a popcorn.

During the movie the girls were awing at Sakura's cuteness and her acting ability, when they asked who the guy was, Sakura answered saying that it was some guy from another company. When the movie ended, they all praised Sakura for her amazing acting ability. They decided to watch another movie before leaving since they had a few more hours and much to Naruto's delight it was a horror movie. Through out the movie the gang was convinced even aliens from other universe's could hear Naruto's scream.

Sasuke was getting annoyed with Naruto and asked Marinette where they keep their duct tape, Marinette told him that it was in the kitchen drawer, When he grabbed the tape she asked what he was going to do with it. Sasuke looked at Naruto with an evil glint in his eyes and said,

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