Issue #45: I Started a Joke

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"So you're telling me I just woke up from another coma and you're just going to ship me off on another Suicide mission?"

"It was a nap and lucky I let you sleep in."

"That was a nap? For 17 hours?"

"You can ask one of your subordinates on the way to the mission."

"My subordinates?"

"I'm making you team leader this time."

"Team leader? Why?"

"You're the only one who can keep two of your teammates in line. I wouldn't send them on a mission like this usually but we need all the Gothamites we can get, including you. Now get your ass up, this is serious." Waller said. There was no use in arguing with her so I stood up before looking at the bathroom.

"I need to piss." I simply said. Waller rolled her eyes.

"Make it quick." She told me. I walked into the bathroom and splashed water on my face.

"If any of the girls are on my team they can't know about me seeing him. They can't know about HD's painting either, whatever it means. What does it mean? A road? Him blowing up? I am here? And what the hell do the symbols next to the different versions of me mean? Why we're there different versions? It doesn't make any sense! Relax (Y,N). Maybe it's a sign we just gotta do a little less emotion again." I said before my slight panic began to calm down. I stared at myself as my breathing slowed and I became more stone faced. I slowly smirked at myself before my eyes flashed red for a second. I was startled before they went back to normal and I once more gained my composure. "There we go." I quietly said before flushing the toilet and running the water to make it sound like I was washing my hands. I walked out and stared at Waller. "What's the mission this time?"

"You'll be told after we get the rest of your team." She said before we walked out of the room. We began walking down in silence for the most part to the main cells. Our first stop was at a cell with a guy covered in a bunch of horrible looking burns flicking a lighter on and off. "Garfield Lynns is an orphan with a serious case of pyromania. While his adoptive parents took his sister to various amusement parks and arcades, his misbehavior caused him to be left home, where he would sneak out and meet up with Gotham's criminal element. You probably know him best as Firefly. Burned down his old orphanage as well as many of the places his parents took his sister before being stopped by Batman before he could kill his sister. You'll have a lot to talk about." She said before opening his cell.

"Buzz off." Firefly said not taking his eyes off his lighter.

"Oh great, I love puns." I said sarcastically.

"It's your turn to fly, Lynns." Waller said. Firefly got up and walked towards us. He was slightly taller then me. He pulled out an inhaler and took a puff. He looked me up and down.

"Who's the kid?"

"(Y,N) (L,N). The Crimson Ghost. He'll be your team leader."

"Team leader!? Ha! Whatever you say, lady. But if he can't stand the heat he better get out of my way." We didn't walk too far for our next team member. There was a blue girl jumping around playing air guitar to a small radio that was playing "Live Wire" by Mötley Crüe. I recognized her from my first few days in Belle Reeve.

"Leslie Willis was a shock jock radio host infamous for her devil may care attitude and constant slander of Superman. Eventually she was fired for her inability to censor herself on air as well as for her remarks towards Superman, she was hired back to do coverage of a rock band concert, but the concert was cancelled due to being in an outdoor venue during a sudden lightning storm. She refused to evacuate when Superman asked her to and was struck by lightning. Luckily for her, she was being touched by Superman at the time and for some reason scientists still can't explain, this transformed her into living electricity. Livewire."

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