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Narrator's P.O.V
After not responding to her sisters exciting news right away like she expected her too, Jang-mi said;

"Yn? Are you there? Yn?"

Trying not to cry, Yn quickly hummed in response as she said;

"Yeah! Yeah I'm here sorry! I was just so shocked! I mean I thought you said that you didn't want any children right now?"

"I know but come on their just so cute that i have to have one of my own, you know what i mean?"

"I used to know.."

Suddenly the gravity of the situation finally hit Jang-mi and she immediately started apologizing;

"Oh Yn.. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to-"

"No, no, no, don't apologize. I'm fine really. I mean it! Congratualations I'm sure you and Ji-Hoon are really excited!"

"But Yn-"

"I mean it, Jang-mi! I'm fine.. no more than fine, I'm ecstatic! I can't believe that I'm going to be an Aunt!"

Hearing that her sister wasn't upset with her, Jang-mi let out a small laugh as she excitedly said;

"Yeah, make way for Auntie Yn! Oh and I can't wait until you come over to the house for a visit, we recently bought a 4 bedroom and you need to help me decorate the baby's room-"

"Um.. actually Jang-mi.. I don't think I can come over right now-"

"But.. why not? Is something wrong?"

"No, of course not-- Oh listen.. my boyfriend's going to be home soon, I think I should go prepare him something to eat before he gets here. I'll talk to you tomorrow though.. goodnight Jang-mi!"

And before Jang-mi could say another word, Yn quckly hung up on her, threw her phone down on the living room couch and quietly walked out through the front door and after she closed it, she had started pacing in thought.

Yn just couldn't understand.... she should be happy for her sister, right? Any person would be happy for the their sister if they delivered such great news... but why did she feel so.. sad? She should be excited... shouldn't she?

After a while of pacing back and forth, Yn let out a whimper as she felt tears in her eyes but then she immediately started wiping her tears away as she didn't want to cry and then worry Taehyung... bit she just couldn't help but let a small sob escape her lips.

- Back with Taehyung -

After waiting a while for Yn to come back, he had wanted to check on her.. but he was sure that she would come back after talking to her sister.. but after what felt like a long while, she didn't come back and instead Taehyung heard the front door opening then closing. Worried that something bad had happened, he carefully got out of bed and was about to go check up on her,

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