15 | still friends

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[ chaewon wasted no time in rushing
towards the venue of the pool party.
since the unexpected incident included
hyunjin, she was somehow sure of the
fact that the matter was related to her. ]

"screw this!"

[ she shrieked in utter annoyance as
she felt her phone buzzing repeatedly. ]

[ the next moment, she found herself
standing infront of the magnificent
entrance gate. harshly panting to herself,
chaewon steadied herself, brushing
off the twisting pain arising within
her lower abdomen. ]


[ chaewon groaned, clutching onto her lower belly. she was surely aware of the pain that would definitely worsen the following day but because she needed to resolve the matter, chaewon gathered all the strength she could and headed inside the entrance. ]

"excuse me! for god sake!"

[ chaewon grumbled, letting out a
string of profanities as she squeezed
her way through the throng of people surrounding her. ]

"hey chaewon!"

[ karina caught sight of her struggling
friend before carefully dragging her to
a much safer corner. ]

"where's jay? what
exactly happened?!"

"and what about hyunjin?!"

[ chaewon frantically questioned,
following karina as the said girl
dragged her to where her friends
were supposedly seated at. ]

"i don't really know how the fight
started off but all i know is that the
next moment i walked out from the
restroom, those two were literally
throwing fists at eachother."

"and trust me, that shit was
terrifying as hell."

[ karina commented, shuddering
as she recalled the fight from earlier. ]

"good thing's that the others
were able to pull them apart
before things could worsen."

"i really need to get things
right with hyunjin. he just
won't listen to me, would he?"

"why bother leaving you in the first
place if this is what he'd end up
doing just to get back with you..."

[ karina trailed off before finally
standing infront of a certain group
of guys. ]

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