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"New York in Brooklyn or Queens is what we were thinking

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"New York in Brooklyn or Queens is what we were thinking." Harrison said to me.

"Austin also has a high range of ddlg activity." Andy added and I nodded, writing it down on the pad of paper.

"With my line of investments following me, I'd say we'd have at least two more clubs up and running before the New Year in six months." Harrison said while looking at his book. "Your travel between the two locations, well, they could be split into a bunch of mini trips or long ones."

"Is there a way we could divide that into two?" I asked, knowing Sofia can't leave Loki unattended for longer than two weeks.

"Of course Sir." He nodded and wrote something down quickly.

There was a soft knock on the door and I looked up at it. I wasn't expecting anyone, in fact I informed my staff about my important meeting and I was to not be interrupted.

"Come in." I said. The door slowly creaked open and I saw my little girl standing there. She looked up at me then down at her feet. "Come in, close the door." She quickly did as I said and walked over to me. "What's wrong baby?"

"It's getting uncomfortable." She whispered and just I heard her. "I tried to sit and wait but it kept getting wetter."

I got up and took her hand, "if you two can excuse me for a few minutes. I'll be back in five."

"Of course." Harrison said while Andy was smiling at my very shy girl. I led her out of the office and down to the washrooms since there was no other rooms available.

"Open." I said and Sof quickly did that, knowing I was going to put her pacifier in her mouth. And I did. She smiled and rolled her head to the side as I pushed up her dress.

I changed her and wiped her thighs off, seeing her little cunt was red for the irritation of the diaper rubbing against her for so long.

I put on the new diaper with a little extra baby powder, taped her up, then pulled her to sit up. "All better?" She nodded yes. "Good." I moved her to stand on her feet but she whined and sat down on the floor. "What are you doing little one?" She didn't reply.

I grabbed her arms and pulled her off the ground and rested her on my hip. She tucked her head away on my chest and stayed silent. I carried her back out to the club where Paul and Jesse were serving drinks. She was supposed to stay near them.

I tried to set her down in a stool but she wasn't letting go of me. "Little girl, what do you think you're doing?"

"She's been acting differently today. Really non verbal." Paul said and I looked up, "she looks to be pretty regressed."

"I can see." I murmured as I looked at Sof, who had her head pointed down as she sucked at her paci and played with my shirt. "Do you want to come back with daddy?" She nodded yes. I didn't press her to talk, I just tilted back a little so her body would fall to lean against mine. And it did.

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