Chapter 31: I got no title...

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Hey... I'm back... Man, I feel like a prick leaving multiple readers of this story hanging, not uploading chapters, so, I'll compensate with possibly three chapters with 2000+(probably) long words, so, enjoy!

"Normal speech"

"Sign Language"(unless told so that it is different)


After the big showdown with Mr. Potato Head(AFO) and All Might, the media went wild with the news about the fall of "The Symbol of Peace That Will Never Fall".

Alongside that...

"What!?" Kuroha yelled in a stupor. "Why does the police have to take Y/n away!?" She asked. A bunch of polices had grouped up against the twin. Kuroha stood protectively in front of Y/n, thinking that she have to protect his brother this time, she doesn't want to be the only one that'd be saved all the time.

 "Calm down Miss, we will only take him for interrogation. Regarding whatever information he knows about All For One... and health inspection for the Quirk that had been implanted on your brother" The head police, Tsukauchi, said to her, calming her down effectively.

He said that as he glanced at Y/n, giving a nod. Y/n knowingly nods back. "I will be fine, Kuroha. As he said, they will not harm me, right?" Y/n signed.

"You have my words" Tsukauchi said, putting his hand on his chest where the heart was supposed to be. 

"Are you sure? I mean, you just got brainwashed, and I've been told that the police used to use hypnotics to get answers out-- Ack!" She wasn't able to properly finish when Y/n lightly chopped her head.

"You watch too many movies. Besides, that's probably mandatory, and only to get answers. They wouldn't do it to do bad things"

"Fine~" She pouts. Y/n huffed lightly in amusement and head patted her for a bit before being escorted to a police car. He complies and followed. When he entered the said car, an unsuspecting person was beside him.

"Bakugo...?" Y/n thought as he side glanced at the blonde. He was expecting some insult and words of harassment by Bakugo for what he did earlier. But surprisingly, the blonde Pomeranian is silent.

Our mc is sure as heck confused, but paid no mind to the blonde's behavior.




As Tsukauchi promised, the interrogation was light enough, with the boys' cooperativeness, it went smoothly. Shortly, the two teens were sent home after.

Again, both of them are in the same car because they live fairly close, and not to waste fossil fuels. The two awkwardly sat in the car with Y/n neutrally sitting on the far left and Bakugo distantly sitting on the far right.

   Y/n            Bakugo
(・・ ) ?      ( ¬_¬)


After arriving home, Y/n politely bowed to the policeman who drove him there. The policeman waved back as he drove away.

Y/n took out his phone as he walks to his house's front door to look at the time. His eyes widened a little. He got an SMS.

It's from Midoriya...

Reading the text, he silently used Enhanced Breathing: Constant, and immediately dashed. 

Next stop: Dagobah Beach!

As Y/n ran, he saw a running figure. A green-haired one. He raised his hand, gaining the greenette's attention. Midoriya quickly notices and waved back.

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