Part 6

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Keigo sat me down at the table. he had taken me to a fancy sushi restaurant on a date. It was our 2nd date and we figured why not. it was our week off and we wanted to spend as much time together as possible. we had gotten home and got ourselves ready and met at the restaurant. 

"So? How was work?" he asked. "It was good! I arrested a robber and helped some kids get back to their mother." I said with a smile, looking at the menu. 
"Thats great! It sounds like you're a great hero, I wouldn't doubt it for a second." He smiled at me. 

"Thanks! How was work for you?" I asked. "It was good! Didn't have much to work on for patrol and no paperwork I had to do." He said. 

The waiter walked over as we laughed about him not liking paperwork. 
"Can I order you guys some drinks?" he asked.

"I'll just have some White wine, Please and thank you," I said with a grin. 
"I'll have the same, Thank you." Keigo smiled. 

"Alright, I'll have that right out for you guys," he said, writing down the drinks on his little notebook.

I thanked the waiter as he walked off.

"So, Uh. Did you ever end up finding the note I left you? With the cash?" Keigo asked me. "Note?" I asked. Then I remembered the paper that got caught in the wind. 

"Oooh. That. Yeah uh, The wind took that from me. I couldn't get it, But I got the cash. Thanks for that, I would have been fucked without it." I chuckled.

"Ah, That makes more sense, The paper explained most of the whole situation. I'm sorry." Keigo said. 

"Oh, Its fine. I just..." I began, trying to think. I remembered how I cried and screamed, Scared and alone, Or when I was just lonely. 

"I was scared and lonely. I didn't know what to do. I ended up going to school thank goodness. A nice old woman took me in so that I could go to school, But she passed away shortly after I graduated."  I explained. "...I got preeetty lucky there. otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have..." I finished.

 Keigo stayed silent for a minute.
 "Well, I don't plan on leaving again so you don't have to worry about it. Okay?" Keigo assured me. "You just keep being you, Okay? I still regret what happened, but I didn't have a choice. I'll try to explain it to you later. Its... a lot. for now, we just need to focus on the now until that time comes." He said with a smile. I sighed. 

"Yeah, You're right. But you don't have to explain it. Im sure it was hard enough for you to leave me that night." I said. 

The waiter came over with our drinks before anyone could say anything else. 
'thank god, I was about to get emotional there.' I sighed in relief. The waiter handed the two of us our glasses of wine and took our orders.

Before long we had eaten and left the restaurant for a walk. 

A full moon was out, and you could see all the stars. I held keigos hand as we walked and gazed at the stars. I had always thought they were the most beautiful things.

"Ya know, You haven't seemed to change much. You still look at those stars just the same way you did the night we met." Keigo pointed out. 
"do I?" I said, tilting my head a bit. Keigo nodded gently. "Huh, I dunno. I still think they're beautiful." I smiled, looking back up at the stars. I felt the wind blow through my hair and flow behind me. I held onto Keigos hand with a smile. 

Everything was just as I had wished for. I was so glad I could be with him right now. I loved him more than life itself. 

We walked the rest of the way to his house so we could cuddle for the rest of the night. He held me in his arms as I fell asleep before kissing me goodnight. 


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