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"Please, don't fall apart, I can't face your breaking heart."


"Did you ever love me, Maxwell? Was any of it ever real?"


Has anyone ever told you that you are worth nothing? That they wish you were never born? That you were a fucking mistake?

Has anybody ever told you that their life would have been much better if you weren't there? That they would be happy without your presence?

Someone has told me all of that, for eighteen fucking years- and trust me, for a while, I'd also believed my dad when he said all that. That maybe, just maybe no one would have to suffer if I wasn't born, or if it would have been better if they would have aborted me earlier itself.

But they didn't do it, so why am I the one that is suffering? 

Why does it matter what they think of me? What gain am I getting from listening to them? Who the fuck cares about their goddamn mindset and opinions?

They never made me feel safe, they never made me feel wanted.

But one person did, and I pushed her away.

Once she was gone away from me, I had realized one thing. Fuck everyone, as long as my baby is in my arms and as long as she is happy- nothing, fucking nothing matters to me.

But it was too late 6 years ago, and God has given me one more chance to redeem myself and maybe get her back as well. Lovers or not, as long as she is happy- I don't care about what anyone thinks of me.

So now that my wife is standing a few steps away from her, her eyes pleading for me to say something, anything- I decide what I want to do with my life, with her.

"No, Delilah. I didn't love you."

"As it was written in the contract, I was toying with you since we were thirteen."

"Every single kiss, every single touch, every single ounce of affection I ever did was purely fake. It was never real. You were never really my type and it felt annoying to deal with you honestly."

"But I did everything, for my father. So I tolerated your annoying and crybaby ass for 5 years, and now again I am stuck with you."

Delilah clenches her jaw at my words and her eyes shut like she physically cannot handle all of this at once. It's like she didn't even have the words to respond to me anymore and she couldn't look me in the eyes. But if she did, she would know- she would see the glistening tears in my eyes and she would fucking know.

Her movements stutter as she reaches for the table's edge, her eyes closed, but before she can catch it, I stretch my arm and wrap it around her waist, causing her to stumble into my chest.

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