37 | realization

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Hi everyone. I'm sorry for the long wait. My mom got admitted into ICU, but thankfully the operation went well. Everybody else is working because it's office hours now, but I can't think of anything but her. I'm writing this while waiting outside the room because she can't be visited. I'm actually writing this chapter on my phone to calm myself down :)



I've never thought that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on today's class. I've always loved my business courses, so it frustrates me that the lecture doesn't interest me like usual.

My mind is clogged up with something else, and I know what it is. Lately, Aiden has been unusually distant.

We didn't talk much during the dinner last night, and today, he was quiet during our breakfast too.

He hasn't only been quiet, but he's also been avoiding eye contact with me. This has never happened before.

I've been scribbling random words in my notebook during the lecture. A sigh leaves my lips when my eyes dart on what's written on the paper. The feelings.

Again, what Mr. Bennett told me crosses my mind. I can't help but jot down those feelings, as if I'm trying to understand them.

Why does it feel so important to me to understand those feelings?

My gaze falls on the fifth feeling. Jealousy.

Mr. Bennett's words ring in my ears.

Even though one would try to deny it or hide it for the better, they can't help but feel their heart sink when the person they love chooses someone else. Although they would want their significant other to be happy, it would be upsetting to find that they're not the one who can give such happiness to the person they love.

Aiden's heart has blocked such feeling because of the pain Roman and Olivia inflicted on him. Jealousy would only remind him of their betrayal.

I shut my eyes in frustration. All these theories are giving me a headache.

Why am I thinking about this too much?

In the end, I would only be reminded that Aiden's heart has been frozen. Mr. Bennett has made it crystal clear. 

"I expect you to submit your next assignment by the end of this week," the professor's voice snaps me out of my daze when he makes such an announcement to the class.

I look up at him, only to find that he's already preparing to leave. Holy shit. Have I been daydreaming until the class is over?

"You can work in pairs to submit the graph." With that said, he walks off, leaving me dumbfounded.

Wait. What graph is he talking about? I'm officially doomed.

I snap my head toward Ash and Maya, who are sitting across the aisle next to me. They give me a knowing look and nod. It's like we're having telepathy. They know that I'm in a trouble, since I haven't paid any attention to the class.

A group of two or three people doesn't make any difference, does it? I hope that the professor would allow one more person to join the same group.

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