XLVIII. I'll Take Care Of This

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"I'll have a glass of water please."

The flight attendant nodded her head and left to get Minji's request.

Currently, the winners of the giveaway, a.k.a. the whole friend group with a few other students, were on a plane heading to Jeju Island.

Minji who was seated on the window seat looked outside, seeing the heavenly beauty of the land beneath them and the clouds beside them.

The sight calmed her mind. It helped her feel at ease, especially now that she has had a stressful week.

Recently, Heeseung has been avoiding her. She isn't sure why, and she hasn't had the chance to get close enough to him in order to ask.

Everytime she tries to talk with Heeseung - like a talk where it is just the two of them - he walks away as soon as he sees her approaching.

And on some instances for some reason, Sunoo would drag Minji away.

But Minji does have a hunch. She feels that it's because he may have seen her and Jungwon spending a lot of time together lately. Knowing Heeseung, he wouldn't stir up a fight, but instead, keep it in.

She noticed a person getting up from their seat - her attention shifting from the fluffy clouds to the person she knew she has hurt.

As Heeseung slowly made his way to the lavatory, passing by Minji's seat row - Minji looked at him hoping that he could spare her a quick glance.

"If you'd let me, I'd like to explain and say sorry."

Minji suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder from the person sitting next to her.

"You okay?" Jake wanted to make sure his friend wouldn't be sad by the time they set foot on Jeju Island.

Minji just shook her head, unable to say things are okay.

Jake tapped his own shoulder, letting Minji know that she can rest her head there.

Now carrying the weight of Sunghoon's head on his left shoulder and Minji's head on his right shoulder, Jake waited for Minji to be comfortable enough to share her thoughts.

"I think he's jealous. But instead of speaking up, he keeps it in because he doesn't want to be possessive." Minji spoke softly.

"Jealous of?"

"Jungwon. We've been spending a lot of time together when the rest of you guys are busy. I guess Heeseung saw us and is now upset."

"What exactly do you think he saw? I know Heeseung hyung, and I don't think he'll be jealous of you two just spending time together. There must be something big."

Minji recalled all the things she and Jungwon did. Aside from all the yummy food they ate and the fun activities they did, only one scenario may have caused Heeseung to frown.

"I wiped Jungwon's lips once. And then we had a moment." Minji said. She finally knows what caused all this, and realizes how hard it must have been to suddenly see the person you're courting have someone else.

"I shouldn't have done that. Why did I wipe Jungwon's mouth? That's not something I should be doing when I have Heeseung." Minji began slapping her head, frustrated and disappointed in herself for doing such a thing.

"Hey! Don't hit yourself." Jake grabbed Minji's hands to try and stop her from being even more sorrowful.

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