19| Collar

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I'm feeling that tingle in my goodies again

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I'm feeling that tingle in my goodies again. And it was strong. I don't know how to get daddy to know that I wanna feel him.

He's in the shower and before that, he set me up on the ground with stuffies and Duke with The Lion King playing. Animated not live action. Oh! And apple juice but I haven't touched that yet since I only had panties on.

My panties! That's it!

I only had panties and a big shirt on. I put my hands under my shirt, well daddy's, and pulled them off. I put them on the couch then crawled forward and laid on my stomach.

Duke was stretched out beside me, I think he was asleep, I also had Skittles, and a paci in my mouth.

Time passed and I got bored quickly. I rolled onto my back and grabbed Skittles, stretching my arms up and soaring her though the air.

"Excuse me little girl. Where are your panties." Daddy asked. I looked down and saw my legs were spread open. Oops. "I'm pretty sure daddy put panties on you so where are they?"

I pointed to the couch behind me and he came around to me, to the couch. He sat down on it and I quickly shot up and crawled between his legs.

"Ah ah ah, you don't get to touch unless you hear daddy say so." He tutted and I pouted. "Besides, daddy has a little present for you before you touch."

"Okay!" I gasped and he chuckled. Daddy got up and moved away from me. He looked so pretty, wearing just his sweatpants and no shirt. I wanted to crawl after him and tug down his pants-

I waited patiently, playing with my fingers, sucking on my paci softly. What is taking him so long. Maybe I wasn't waiting that patiently.

"C'mere little girl. On daddy's lap." I moved quickly, climbing up on his lap, straddling one of his thighs. My goodies rubbed against his leg- and it felt super good.

Daddy pulled my paci from my mouth and put it to the side, then showed me a bag, I took it from him and took out the tissue paper, then reached in and pulled out the object.

A velvet dark purple collar!

Oh my gosh!

And in the middle front of it was a little charm that was shaped like a heart that read;

Little girl

"Thank you daddy!" I leaned forward and hugged him so tight. "I love it. I really do."

"Lean back so I can put it on."

I did, and gathered my hair up. Daddy put the collar around my neck and latched it on, tightening it just to the right length and tightness.

"My god, you're so pretty in that collar." He said, being breathless, "and sexy. Fuck, princess. What do you do to me?"

I bounced on his lap excitedly with a huge smile. I was all giddy inside. Daddy got me a present! And I love love love it!

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