𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ sᴇᴠᴇɴ𓅓

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"...I was dreaming"

You stare down at your lap, after waking up from your sleep, to see your cat by your side sleeping peacefully.

There are no injuries, no pain.

All you could remember from the dream is that voice in your head telling you that 'Horus' is your father.

But, it was all a dream, or just a horrible and weird nightmare. 

"Good morning, my lady"

You smile at your handmade, Anatamun, relieved to see her.

"Did you send the letter to the prince of Babylon" she furrows her eyebrows in confusion.

"What letter?"

This finally settles your doubts that you have been dreaming the whole time.

"Where did you find this cat, my princess?" She asks politely, patting the cat's head.

However, Nile didn't like the interaction and scratched her hand harshly.

Anatamun winces and pulls her hand back in fear.

"I guess the cat doesn't like me"

You glare down at your pet as he stares up at you innocently.

"No, Nile is just a grumpy cat"

The said cat glares at you with its eyes as it understood what you just said.

"Do you wish to write anything to Prince Nazir?" You nod your head at her question.

"Yes, I need to tell him that he passed the test"

Anatamun is shocked at your words.

"What test, your highness?"

"The test that did not give up on our love even when I said that I don't want him"

Ah yes, this is a big fat lie, but you don't want to get cursed.

The only thing that is bothering you is that you have to write the letter all over again.



"Yes, Neith"

You and Maathotep are walking side by side in the palace's hallways.

"Do you love me?"

The pharaoh glares at you as if you have insulted him.

"What type of stupid question is this? every father loves his child"   

You stand in front of him preventing him from walking.

Placing your hands behind your back, you stare directly into his eyes.

"If you truly love me then why do you lock me up? Scare me? Threaten me?"

Maathotep stays silent for a few moments, before answering you.

"I'm your father, I know what is best for you and what is not" he moves closer to you, causing you to back away.

But he holds you still by grabbing into your left shoulder.

"There is one person that I love in this entire world" his eyes soften slightly.

"I love you, my daughter, my flesh and blood" 

When you were about to respond to the heartwarming words, a servant boy runs towards you and your father holding a scroll.

"My Pharaoh! The King of Babylon is dead, now his son is the new king"

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