Issue #46: Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)

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The room fell silent for a second. A sudden dread seemed to surround us all. I then looked at the date on the corner of the computer screen. I started laughing. Everyone looked over at me.

"Alright, good one. April Fools. I get it. What's the real mission. Come on, seriously." I said. Waller and Porter looked at me stone faced.

"Does it look like we're joking Mr. (L,N)?" Waller asked.

"Kill The Joker? Like The Joker?" Livewire said.

"Why send us and not someone like Quinn? Have any of us even met the guy?" I asked.

"I did when he first started out. One of them at least. Creeped the hell outta me." Firefly said.

"Quinn is currently on a mission with TFX's A Team." Waller said.

"A Team? What are we?" Livewire asked.

"C Team."

"C Team!? I'm a B Lister at worst! S Tier when it comes to Femme Fatales in America!" Livewire complained.

"Why are we bringing her?" Jane pointed at Duela.

"Because Quinn isn't available. Duela has a way of being able to get into the mind of The Joker.
Think how he thinks by putting on one of the other two Joker's faces she found cut off in an alley."

"By putting what on what?" Copperhead asked while Firefly muttered "What the fuck?"

"And where is it!?" Duela asked.

"It will be given to your handler to use when the time is right." Waller then shot a look over to me.

"You know it's fucked up to keep a girl separated from her father, right? They do things they shouldn't! Does the term 'fatherless behavior' mean nothing to you!?" Duela shouted. Jane looked uncomfortable in her chair.

"Shut your mouth, Dent." Waller said. The DA later seemed to have in interest when she heard the last name.


"(L,N) get a handle on her before I blow her brains out now." Waller told me.

"Duela, stop being irrational, you're gonna get yourself killed." I told her. "What's making you pull the trigger on this now? Why not kill The Joker years ago and why us?"

"Are we all ready to listen now?" Porter asked. "I have a mole on the inside of Batman's rogue gallery. One they'll never suspect and he came to me with Joker's little plan. He said as long as Joker is alive, we could just be a matter of days before Gotham and possibly the whole United States is in a hand basket straight to hell. Obviously getting Batman involved he wouldn't do what's right and he probably wouldn't believe my man on the inside."

"Why?" Firefly asked.

"He and Batman have a sorted history. He told me about this little group of misfits down here in Louisiana so I grabbed a plane ride over here and told Waller the situation."

"What is the situation? What is the clown scheming?" Vertigo asked.

"Mr. (L,N)." Waller looked at me. "Are you familiar with Psychosis I.9.K?" I felt the air grow thick and my pulse practically stop.

"T-that's the name of the fear gas Scarecrow used on me 2 years ago. Psychosis Isotope 9 Kandarias. The one that... changed me."

"And what do you know of The Fear State?"

"I don't." 

"That was the next step after seeing if I.9.K worked, which he wasn't able to due to his untimely death last Halloween. Crane believed that a 'fear state' would lead humanity to the next level of evolution. That a constant state of panic would push them to become stronger. As you know, (L,N), Joker Venom is one of the key ingredients in I.9.K. In the last couple of months, The Joker has found Scarecrow's notes on the subject and he has a similar theory. One bad day is all it takes to bring someone to his level—"

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