Chapter 14: Immature

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Lila was honestly getting on Marinette's last nerve , first she targets Adrien, not that she cares anyway, then she tries to seduce her boyfriend and cousin. Marinette sometimes wonders whether the Italian girl is right in the brain or not.

Lila pouted, "Aw come on Marinette don't be like that, besides aren't you being a bit too bossy with your cousin, I bet that if he spent a day with me, he'll grow to like me."

"Lila what part of no do you not understand? I've seen many and I mean many girls try to get him but he doesn't care about them, wanna know why? Because all he cares about is Sakura. Honestly it was love at first fight for them."

Alya rolled her eyes, "What's so great about her anyway? I mean have you seen her, her eyes look like vomit and her forehead is as big as Mt. Everest, and she's so skinny she could be anorexic. Lila is a much better choice for your cousin, she smart, kind and beautiful."

Marinette rolled her eyes and said, "It's no wonder Nino broke up with you."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"It means that it's a good thing he broke up with you, you blind, stupid, brainwashed, uneducated, can't even do the simplest thing, dumbass buffoon."

Marinette took a deep breath and said, "I don't have time for this I'm leaving."

Marinette took out her phone and called Felix to pick her up, since waiting for the bus could take awhile and she didn't have the patience to deal with them.

A black expensive Lambo then came to a stop in front of them, the driver then stepped out and it turned out to be Felix, Marinette smirked while Lila and Alya were jaw dropped. Felix then opened to the passenger seat and said, "Milady."

Marinette kissed Felix on the cheek and said, "Why thank you."

Once Marinette was seated Felix shut the door, he looked at the two girls and said, "Didn't I tell you bitches to stay away from my girl?"

Alya rolled her eyes and said, "And who are you to tell us what to do? Besides it's none of your damn business."

Felix slightly pulled his glasses down and said, "As her future fiancé her business is my business so if you mess with her you mess with me got it."

Felix didn't wait for them to reply and went into the car and drove off.

Lila stared at the car as they drove away and thought, 'That should be me riding that car.'

Marinette looked at Felix and said, "Your mom finally dropped of you car?"

"It took some convincing, but it was worth it."

Marinette then looked at Felix excitedly and asked, "Can I drive?"

Felix chuckled and said, "Mari, babe, I love you but no, absolutely no, I spent 4 years' worth of savings to get this car."

Marinette giggled and said, "Fine."

"So how did the meeting go?" Felix asked.

"It went by smoothly, I'm glad that he liked the new designs."

Felix noticed the time and asked, "Do you want to have lunch first before we go to the museum?"

Marinette nodded and suggested a restaurant nearby.

As the maître d'hotel placed them at them table Marinette took note of how cozy the restaurant was. When the waiter came, he took a good look at Marinette and smirked. He tried to flirt with her but Marinette was oblivious to this just simply place her order and took out her phone checking when her next meeting was, her boyfriend on the other hand wasn't. When the food came out Marinette was still busy on her phone, it turns out that one of her meetings were overlapping one another.

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