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One day, at a company computer programming building called Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc. Kobayashi, Takiya and Elma were working on their stuff on, Elma has been working hard, but every time passes time, she gets really hungry, but not to worry, Kobayashi and other workers have always given her snacks, a sign of being friendly and kind to her of her hard night, some of the workers stood late due of overtime, as for Kobayashi, Takiya and Elma, the three's shift are about to be over any minute....

Kobayashi: Oh man...hey Takiya, almost done with your assignment?

Takiya: Close, just gotta add a few skeps. What about you?

Kobayashi. Hmm, say, after this, wanna go grab some drinks later? We can invite Tohru and Fafnir to come along.

Takiya: Heh, sounds good to me, besides, it's the end of the week, so should be the good day and time to get some drinks.

Kobayashi: Hmm. Hey Elma? What about you? Wanna come with us and get some drinks?

Elma stood up from her chair...

Elma: Drinks?? Oh, that would be nice, can we also stop by for some food as well??

Kobayashi: Hehe, sure, knowing you you can't live without food, but sure, we can stop by at that Ramen shop around the corner.

Elma: Sweet! Oh I can't wait to taste the sweet ramen noodles with toppings on them!

Takiya: Heh, ramen does sound good too, say what kind of flavor Fafnir would like? Never seen him eat ramen before.

Tohru: Beats me, I'm wondering the same thing with Tohru...*Even though she better not use her tail for meat topping on my ramen, cause I swear to god...*

Takiya: Hmm, we'll have to see when we bring them over then.

Kobayashi: Heh, yeah you right-

Elma: ...You guys are bringing Fafnir and Tohru?

The two then looked at Elma, and to see her face with a sudden let down expression, like if she looked like she was left alone...

Kobayashi: Y-Yea, we are...

Takiya: ..Say Elma, is something the matter?

Elma: Wh-What??

Kobayashi: I mean not even 10 seconds ago, you started to feel overjoyed about our plans today...and all the sudden you got gloomy once you told us about brining Tohru and Fafnir with us...what's wrong?

Elma: O-Oh! I-It's nothing, really! I just...didn't expected you guys to invite Tohru and Fafnir...

Kobayashi: ...Does that bother you??

Elma: N-No! It doesn't, I swear! Yea hanging out with them is fun...even if it takes me force to even get along with Tohru...b-but again, it doesn't bother me.

Takiya: Oh..

Kobayashi: Well ...okay then, so you still wanna come with us-

Elma: Y-You know what?! I-I forgot! I got things to do at home! Yea, hehe! Sorry, can't hang today!

Elma then quickly grabs her stuff from her desk, and to then turn off her computer...

Elma: Thanks for the offer Kobayashi, but again, I got stuff at home to do! S-See you two! Bye!

Kobayashi: ...Bye.?

Takiya: See ya then...

Elma then power walks her way out of the room...leaving Kobayashi and Takiya confused...

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