April 17, 2015 - Exciting news for mobile app users

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Hey there mobile app users! Today we have great news to share with both Android and iOS app users:

A new redesign for the iOS app

We're excited to announce that we launched a new version of our popular iOS app. The update features a simple and more intuitive interface to help connect readers to relevant stories, encourage writing, and make it easy to manage social updates and interactions.

The updated app emphasizes the core Wattpad functions and encourages to engage in activities beyond reading. The new design introduces a navigation bar, which is always on screen and highlights the five core Wattpad experiences: Discover, Library, Write, Social Updates, and Profile.

The redesign also combines several social elements into a single view. Now you can find your Newsfeed, Notifications, and Private Messages under one Social Updates tab.

And if you're looking for great stories it's now even easier for readers to find them. The updated app showcases story cover images and story descriptions more prominently, and highlights wattpadder-curated reading lists. If you haven't downloaded the new Wattpad iOS app, just visit the iTunes store.

Have you seen the new iOS app yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, we'd love to know what you think.

Add sound to your stories on the Android app

With Android we're introducing a new way to experience Wattpad stories - with sound! This new feature is now available on the Android app and lets you add audio clips to your stories. Now you can create your own clips, or choose from the millions of sounds available on SoundCloud.

This new feature enables you to: create audiobooks, narrate dialogue, add soundtracks to your stories directly from your phone, and so much more. Try leaving a recorded message to all your fans at the end or beginning of a chapter.

This feature is available first on the Android version of the Wattpad app. If it's popular with the community, it will be rolled out to Wattpad's other platforms. Stay tuned and leave us your thoughts and requests in the comments below.

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