Introduction to Season 2

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Oh, you're back! Hello again I guess? I'm only surprised that you're here, because it's early and you couldn't have finished the first book yet, right? So my guess is that you're trying to cheat! Trying to get a look at what I've been up to. I mean, I could spoil it for you, but where's the fun in that?

I'm Bob, and I'm the sexiest vampire you're going to meet (in my apartment at least). I'm the answer to the question of what happens if you take a regular guy off the street and make him into a vampire. I don't have a castle in Europe, there are no untold riches and I've got LOTS of reasons to brood, but I try not to, because who's got time for that?

What's coming in season two? More bonus chapters, more shenanigans, more questions about the hilarious answers to life, death and everything in between! Okay, I'm mostly kidding about the last part, but I can promise you it's hilarious. Jaime's back (of course), there's MORE Sammy and if you thought you couldn't get your fill of Beatrice... spoilers!

All new adventures are coming this summer....

Now seriously, go finish chapter one...


Hardcover versions of Season 1 are available from online retailers, so get a copy if you REALLY love the story.

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