13: Fever dream.

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That's all I felt. 

I fucking hate the cold and right now it feels like ice had replaced the blood that ran through my veins. I opened my eyes but there was nothing but darkness. Did I even open them? I can't tell. My body is shivering but it won't move as though the cold in my veins froze me or rather my feet to the floor.

Was it getting colder? I can see my breath now; my hands are stinging along with my ears and nose. the feeling reminded me of how they sting when I was a kid and I would go outside and play in the snow for too many hours.

I can hear now, soft mummers all around me.

I can see a bit now too. 

I'm in a room, my old bedroom. Had it always been this dark? I shifted my eyes around the room, it looked dilapidated with a thick layer of dust coating every surface of the room. The paint chipped and peeled. The lamp was smashed leaving shards of glass intertwined with the ripped books sprawled along the wooden floor.

My body still refuses to move.

My eyes land on the large mirror across from me, large crakes decorate it now. I am still wearing my uniform, but I can't make out my own face.

The mummers are getting louder but are still incoherent. A woman's voice echoed around the room, breathy and gravely.

Something shifts behind me in an empty corner.

My heart jumps as the dark shadow like figure seemed to unfold itself from the shadows. The figure stands hunched as though ready to spring at me. I feel the malicious intent radiating from its body.

I tried to will myself move, screaming at my body but my feet refused to budge. the door only a mere few feet from me. So close yet so far away almost mocking me. All I could do was stare wide eye at the figure through the reflection of the dingy mirror.

The figure stalked slowly toward my shaking body, I wasn't sure anymore if I was shaking from the freezing cold or the  fear. Sickly dry, metallic putrid smell assaulted me; acidic, festering and raw. The smell smothered my senses and suffocated my breath.

The previous breathy and gravely mummers have morphed into unrecognizable screams so loud it made my ears ring.

RUN. I have to run.

I repeated the phrase through my head trying to force my feet forward. My stomach churned and twisted, making me gag as the thing stood behind me. Tears threatened my eyes as its glowing orbs watched me watch it. A psychotic smile stretched across its face reaching inhumanly from ear to ear.

The figure slowly leaned over its eyes never leaving mine, its smile never fading. My breath trapped in my throat; my skin drenched in sweat as I felt the breath on my neck making the hair on my body stand to appoint and goosebumps morphed my skin.

Just as the figures pointed hand lifts to grab me, my body shot forward my hand fumbled with the handle of the door as the gargling women's chuckles filled my ears. Ripping the door open with a loud thud against the wall, I found myself flying into an unfamiliar hall.

Although it seemed as though I had been running for the longest time, I never moved further than a handful of meters away. I turned my eyes met those of the figure which lurked in the doorway, its head cocked to the side, watching me but never passing through the threshold.

The sick smile still plastered from ear to ear. My body trembles terrified, as that smile began to mouth words. From the distance I was standing, I shouldn't be able to hear anything it said but its voice rang clear as day in my ear as though it still stood behind me.

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