Chapter 33

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"Okay, so here's what I'm saying. We get all her favorite shit and throw it into like a big ass pool. You guys fucked in a pool once so it'll be romantic. She'll take you back for sure." Brady said while spinning around in an office chair.

We were in my office brainstorming about how to get Ariana back.

"Are you fucking stupid?" Jackson asked.

"I told you we should not have let him play in the NFL." I said.

I felt my phone vibrate. I took out my phone to see who texted me.

Dinah Jane Hansen: I GOT MY PERIOD 🎉🎊


Dinah Jane Hansen: Yes, but speaking of babies how is Ms. Grande?

Me: Don't know I never really see her since ya and you had sex. BUT we have the first appointment tomorrow to see if everything is good.

Dinah Jane Hansen: That's so exciting!! Hopefully she won't hate me by then so I can meet your offspring 🙄

Me: She'll be fine by then I promise. Also just a heads up I'm gonna work with some label heads soon to get your friends singing out here. If you wanna get in on that just let me know.

Dinah Jane Hansen: You don't gotta ask me twice you already know my answer. Hell to the yes 😋

Me: Aight I'll let you know

Brady snatched my phone out of my hand.

"Texting the ex while we're plotting to get your future wife for you? Not very considerate, are you?" He asked.

I snatched my phone back.

"She was telling me she isn't fucking pregnant." I said.

"Okay, well at least we don't have to worry about that!" Jackson said excitedly.


"Hey, Ariana. I'm sorry I'm late. I had to finish up for Dad." I said coming into the doctor's office.

She was already on the patient chair with her legs in the air.

"You getting a pap-smear? Why your coochie out like that?" I asked.

"You are so embarrassing." Ariana said.

"Well?" I asked.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Wells. I'm Ariana's OBGYN." A woman said walking in the door.

"Y/N Ledger." I said shaking her hand. "Why are her legs in the little holes?"

The doctor chuckled.

"Well in order to do an ultrasound this early, you have to do it through the vagina." She said.

"Oh. Okay." I said sitting down.

The doctor started talking, and I just kind of tuned her out. I was too focused on Ariana. She was so concentrated on every little thing Doctor Wells said. Ariana would nod her head every twenty seconds and hum. I could tell she just wanted to see the baby. And so did I. I couldn't believe there was a little me in Ariana. Like it's my baby. In my past, I had pregnancy scares. But they were never real. But this was real. And it was with the girl I loved. Even if she didn't want me right now, I still loved her no matter what.

"Y/N!" Ariana said.

Pulling me out of my thoughts, I looked over at her.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Does anything run in your family?" She asked.

"Uh just addiction and like probably mental illness. No one was diagnosed but like looking back they probably shouldn't have given me heroin at nine so yeah." I said.

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