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The next day, at Kobayashi's apartment, her, Tohru, Kanna and Ilulu were all having their day in doors, watching some TV, then, Kobayashi's door gets a knock, she then goes over and to then have Elma arriving at her door...

Elma: Good Evening, Kobayashi.

Kobayashi: Oh hey Elma, what's up?

Tohru appears..

Tohru: Oh great, someone had to come and ruin our day.

Elma: Oh back off will ya? I'm not even here to waste my time on you.

Tohru: Well of course not, cause you will lose just like always.

Elma: Oh you wanna go you hag!

Tohru: I'm ready when you are!

Kobayashi: Heh cut it you two! Especially you Tohru.

Tohru: H-Hehe, sorry Miss Kobayashi.

Elma: Mm, apologies Kobayashi...I don't mean to spend a lot of time here, just wanted some advice from you.

Kobayashi: Advice from me??

Tohru: What are you getting at??

Elma: ...May I come in??

Kobayashi: Yea, sure.

Kobayashi enters her apartment, as Elma walks over to the living room...

Ilulu: Oh hey Elma!

Kanna: Elma-Sama!

Elma: Hey you two, enjoying watching television?

The two nods at her...

Elma: Good.

Kobayashi: So Elma, what brings you here?

Tohru: Wasting our time?

Elma: Oh shut it! And well...I met someone.

They all gasped...

Kobayashi: You let someone??!

Tohru: You?? Met someone?? No way-

Elma: I'm not joking, I actually did met a human.

Ilulu/Kanna: Really??!

Kanna and Ilulu rush up to her and started being concern around her...

Ilulu: Tell is who is he!

Kanna: Is he nice?

Ilulu: Shy?

Kanna: Wicked?

Ilulu: Perverted??

Elma: Ehhh..

Kobayashi: Hey you two, knock it off.

Ilulu/Kanna: Sorry, just curious.

Kobayashi: *sighs* So-

Tohru: A loser like you?

Kobayashi: Tohru!

Tohru: Oops, sorry Miss Kobayashi, hehe.

Kobayashi: Anyways, Elma, how did you met this person?

Elma: was two days ago, when I was heading home from work, and then found myself a food store place near there, and to then find him working there...he was generous, kind, sweet...and really warm hearted too...he even invited me to his home yesterday as well, and asked me to go hang out with him at the pier near the beach.

Kobayashi: Oh wow, that's really great news Elma!

Kobayashi then bumps Tohru with an elbow...

Tohru: Oh! I mean..that's good to hear too, I'm surprise you found someone rather than to be lonely.

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