Chapter 10: New Beginnings/New Enemy

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No One's Pov

The crowd outside of Kevin's apartment grew as the media and fans had come to see the alien hero. Jaune had peeked out the blinds and quickly moved away

Jaune: God, what do I do!

Kevin: I don't know, but if they bust down the door I'm gonna start cracking skulls.

Jaune: no, you're not

Kevin: still an option

Jaune: whatever, but seriously, what am I gonna do!? Whenever I try to use the Omnitrix it just beeps and then makes a wrong sound

Kevin: wrong sound?

He said as he raised a brow, as did Komi

Jaune: you know, like on Family Feud. When they get an answer wrong and it makes the X sound?

Kevin: not much of a gameshow guy

Jaune: man you need to expand your mind a bit

They both turned towards Komi as she snapped her fingers. They both looked at her as she pointed at the TV, they both looked and saw that Team Rwby and Jnpr, with a new forth member

Jaune: huh, so they did replace me.

Their was then banging on the door.


Jaune sighed as he wiped his own face. He moved to his wrist and began to play with the Omnitrix again

Jaune: come on, come on, come on

It then projected and image to the ground, and a holovid of Tetrax came on.

Jaune: Tetrax?

Tetrax: Good evening, you have reached the inbox of Tetrax Shard, leave a short message and I will be with you when I can.

It then cut off and the image disappeared. Jaune groaned and messed with it once more before another holovid came on

Ozpin: Good evening Mr. Arc, quiet the pickle you're in, isn't it?

Jaune: Ozpin? How did you get this channel?

Ozpin: Well, am Ex plumber never reveals his secret

Jaune: again with this plumber crap, Kevin doesn't bother to tell me anything about this, so what is it? Do you guys fix toilets?

Ozpin: once in a while yes, but for years, the Plumbers have been in charge of handling alien life forms, making sure their secret is hidden from the existence of Remnant. Our founder was that of 147 years ago, long before the great war.

Jaune: okay, that's cool and all, but what does that have to do with you calling me!?

Ozpin: ah, right. I called you to tell you that I sent Teams Rwby and Jnpr, and do mind your... Replacement... For your old team Mr. Arc, he's kind of off-putting

Kevin: so he's an asshole?

Ozpin: at times yes. But yes a good fighter, can't say much for the leader.

Kevin's door then came down with a small explosion.

Kevin: my door! My landlord is gonna kill me for that!!

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