The Spell |23

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"Talia!" I shout, struggling to close my suitcase. "Help!"

"I'll be right over!" she shouts back.

You see, I started with just a few outfits but next thing you know I'm throwing first aid kits and the spellbook.

"Do you really need to bring all of that with you?" she questions as I'm sitting on the suitcase unable to close it.

"Yea, I do," I respond a bit too quickly.

"Is that the spellbook?" her eyebrows furrow.

"Well, yea it is. Who do you expect me to entrust it with?" I ask pointing to the bit of the book that pokes out of the suitcase. I pause, giving her a second to respond. When she does not respond, I continue, "Exactly." I smile, proving my point.

"I get that you are in a hurry, I also want to find out what happened to your sister, but we need to do that spell before heading out."

"You are right," I respond, jumping off of the suitcase and grabbing the spellbook from inside. "So the spell I was telling you about is on this page," I tell her, flipping through the pages until I find it and hand it to her.

"It doesn't sound too difficult," she says, scanning the page. "It says we need to light five candles in a circle. Each candle stands for a point of the star of the pentagon symbol. Then we sit inside and we hold hands."

"So how will we know if it works?"

"You'll feel the magic flowing throughout your body and when you say the spell you'll just feel it." Talia exhales. "It's a bit hard to explain. You'll see what I mean after we do the spell."

I grab five candles that were given to me during Magic 101, and I place them on the ground where the points of a star would be. "What's the spell?" I walk over and look at the page the spell is on. It's just one word. Aoratos. "I always thought spells would be a lot longer than just one word."

"The length of spells vary. Some can be a few sentences and some can be one word."

I take a deep breath, about to read the spell out loud.

"Stop!" Talia shouts, "Don't ever read spells out loud," Talia advises.

"I'm sorry." I quickly respond "I didn't know..."

"Well, you don't want to unintentionally cast a spell on someone." she points out.

"I guess when you put it that way, it makes sense."

One by one, Talia lights the candles. She sits on the floor, the candles surrounding her. "Have a seat." Talia points to the spot across from her. I sit in front of her, careful to not knock over the candles.

"You ready?" Talia asks, extending her hands towards me.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I hold her hands and try to calm the growing nerves within me.

Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes. "Aoratos," we say. Magic flows throughout my body. Almost as if a switch turns on, I feel the spell.

"Hopefully that spell is strong enough to keep any unwanted guests away. This trip needs to go as planned." I turn to look at Talia. "Well, help me close the suitcase so we can get this show on the road." I put the spellbook back in the suitcase and sit back on top of it.

Talia nods her head and zips it for me.

"Are you two ready?" Caelum questions, walking into the room. My heart immediately starts beating fast. The familiar butterflies that come alive only when he is around, awaken.

"Pretty much." I quickly reply, trying my best to not show how much being around him affects me.

"I'll get our suitcases to the car," Caelum declares, grabbing my suitcase.

As he walks out of my room, I take a much-needed deep breath. What Caelum told me the other night comes to mind. Did he actually break off the engagement? And if he did, how much trouble is he in with his dad? Should I just ask him or should I wait for him to initiate the conversation first?

I internally groan.

"Are you ready?" Talia asks.

"Yup," I reply, grabbing my sweater and backpack purse.

"Are you?"

"I'll go grab my bag from my room. I'll meet you guys in the car in just a second." I nod in response, walking down the steps. Why am I such a nervous wreck right now?

The first thing I notice as I close the door of the house is Caelum. He is leaning on Talia's yellow car. He gives me the sexiest smile when he notices me staring.

"So how are you feeling?" he asks, as I approach him.

"I'm fine." I quickly respond, twirling the ring on my finger.

"Are you sure? You seem a bit tense."

"I said I'm fine." I look down at my white sneakers.

"l told Amore I'm going to break off the engagement," Caelum says, almost as if he could read my mind earlier.

"Are you sure that was a good idea?" I ask, despite how happy I'm feeling at the moment. I don't want to cause problems in his life.

"It was a good idea," he responds, he reassures me.

"I just don't want to be the cause of a fight between your family."

"Don't worry that pretty little head of yours," he says, grabbing my hand between his.

"Well, I do worry," I respond, finally looking up at him. Which was a huge mistake cause I can't look away now.

"As soon as is we get back from this trip I will announce it to everyone. My dad will come to understand. He will be happy even, but my top priority at the moment is my mate's safety. I couldn't and I won't risk people finding out about your whole situation. I can't risk this information getting into the wrong hands. " he says, reaching out and grabbing my hand.

Hearing him say that one word, slowly crumble the tall wall I built around me.


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