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Caide watched as you stuffed a pancake in your mouth.

You were both sitting on the outside of the breakfast shop.
It was really small and unfamiliar.

You'd never been here before.

"I helped the owners of this shop you know.." He smiled as he looked to the side, "Their son had died and he so desperately wanted them to know he was alright as they mourned all the time.. so I helped the spirit move on by telling them"

You looked up as the sun beamed on his dark skin.

"Well.. I guess you could say I helped them aswell. So I get free breakfast every morning I come here" Caide ate an apple making you feel fat.
"You aren't eating pancakes?"
He turned his head towards you and laugh.

Caide took the remaining half of your pancake and stuck it in his mouth.
"Hey!! I was gonna eat that!!"

Caide began choking as he held in laugher. You started bursting out laughing as he coughed with tears.

"You mentioned another nice ghost right?"

After containing himself, his mood sort of faded.

"Nice is a stretch.. but he didn't hurt anyone like most. He was my friend for a while until he moved on.." Caide continued, "Wanna know something funny? The reason he couldn't move on was because he was scared the love of his life didn't move on"
"Love of his life?" You questioned.
"He had a crazy life.. he murdered a bunch of people for her. He told me stories about him kidnapping her and all sorts of stuff. I have to admit the guy was insane but a hopeless romantic.."

Caide scooted his fork across his plate.

"How'd they both die?" You asked invested in their love story.
"They slit each other's throat.. a bittersweet love story don't you think?"
You nodded a bit shocked.

You wondered how their life was together.

I bet they were insanely in love. Although it sounds so twisted..

Caide glanced at you before adding something else.

"I helped him move on by easing his nerves and reassuring him that his 'darling' , that's what he called her, had moved on.." Caide stacked your plates, "He was my friend.. although he was kind of crazy. He kept saying I needed to find love. I don't believe in stuff like that.."

You watched as Caide stood up.

His brown hair was tied back which contrasted his eyes and skin.
He looked so mature as his muscles were quite visible. His resting face seemed to always be annoyed but when he spoke about spirits, he was engaged and his mood always lightened.

You noticed the scars on his arms for the first time.

"What are these scars?" You rubbed them with your finger and he smacked your hand quickly. "Ouch.." you frowned.
"Where are your parents? You just go around touching men and sleeping in their houses?"
"Excuse me? Man? You're not even that!!" You stood up as you both argued.
"The audacity.. I just got you free food! And who's clothes do you have on? And who's bed did you sleep in wildly?" Caide questioned with a smirk as you gritted your teeth with no response.

"Trust me.. I'm the only real man you've ever met~"


"Ugh!! He's so annoying!!" You slammed the door and immediately went to lay in your bed.
"Who does he this he is? Just because he has gods stupid blessing!" You sighed, "The arrogance of Caide.. even a ghost is more humble than him!"

A ghost..

"I wonder what Vice is doing.."

You felt kind of bad.
Why did Caide have to be so suspecting?
The rumor says the ghost was brutally murdered.. but Vice says he doesn't remember his death.

Maybe that's why he can't move on? He can't remember his death or his life..


You hung around the house since you had missed school.
It was the afternoon and you were utterly bored.

You doubted your parents would be back from their trip anytime soon.
Eventually you found yourself walking back to the old school where Vice was.

You could see him peering out the window excited but it looked kind of creepy because of the angle.
But you know he meant no harm.
You opened the door and immediately Vice jumped on you.
You were smothered in coldness as he laugh.

"Y/n you came back!! I was beginning to get worried.. I'm sorry I lied about the wishes but it's not my fault that was the rumor!" Vice blabbered out as he let you go.
You rubbed your arms trying to create warmth as he looked at you concerned.
"Oh.. I'm sorry I got too excited. I just miss that warm feeling.." he smiled softly and you shook off the feeling.
"It's okay.."


You both went to a classroom where you sat and talked.
"That shamans right, I can see how he's suspicious of me.." Vice sighed, "But honestly I don't want to hurt anyone! I don't have a grudge either.." he glanced at you.

"Does he know you're here?"

That's a weird question..

You could've swore his voice lowered a bit before he laughed it off.

"I wouldn't want to get you in trouble! haha.."
"Trouble? Oh please.. I don't do what he says" You rolled your eyes and glanced back at Vice.

His elbow was on the desk as his head rested in his palm.
He had a smile as he stared at you.

"Oh sorry! It's just you're really pretty.." he complimented and you couldn't help but blush.
His finger trailed to your hair as he touched it.

You could feel the slight cold breeze by your face as he played with your hair.
"It's a pretty color, It suits you.. it feels so soft.." Vice let out and you thanked him.
He let go and smiled at you.

"Aren't you scared of me?"


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