Chapter 56: Fulfillment

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"Your face will freeze like that."

The bags beneath his eyes were prominent and purple, his eyebrows were furrowed, his jaw clenched tightly. His elbows rested on the desk, his fist propping up his chin. The view sent a flutter through her, when their eyes met, a blush colored her cheeks.

When their eyes met, she saw the tension disappear, his body relaxing backward onto the chair. He ran a hand through his auburn locks, his eyes closing.

"Can we just run away to a remote island?" His words dripped with exhaustion.

She smiled, moving closer until she was across from him, "We can build our perfect home."

"Bonfires on the beach, barbequing," the corner of his lip twitched and she inched closer around the redwood desk.

"Summers in Italy."

"Winters in Finland?"

"Finland?" Leanna tilted her head, intrigued.

He nodded, a smile stretching across his face, "It's beautiful, Lena. And the lakes are breathtaking. I think you would love it."

Their eyes met, and her heart picked up a notch, "It sounds like the perfect escape."

"Our kids can have an adventurous life."

Leanna's body seized at the mention of kids, as if she'd been splashed with cold water. 

With everything that had been happening, what the moon goddess said had slipped her mind.

I minor in fertility as well.

The words had been rattling around in her brain for days, leaving her torn between extreme anxiety, and joy. She wasn't sure how to feel, and for that, she felt selfish. So many would jump at a declaration like that.

But she wasn't sure if it meant she was pregnant, or the possibility of getting pregnant was better.

"Lena," Phoenix sat up in his seat and she locked her gaze on the table. "What's wrong?"

"I just-" she stopped, taking in a shaky breath. "I've just...not been honest with you, not completely. With the moon goddess, and what she said..."

Her voice had started to crack, her guilt returning.

"No, no, no," Phoenix was on his feet in seconds, his hands gripping her face and forcing her to meet his eyes. "Don't cry, Lena. I know. I haven't asked because I knew you should share it when you felt comfortable. Don't beat yourself for not feeling sure."

She sniffled, her blurry vision obscuring his features. Squeezing her eyes tight, the tears trickled over as he pulled her close to his chest. The firm muscle beneath her cheek was like a physical anchor, his scent calming her nerves.

After a few minutes of pulling herself together, Leanna leaned back, giving him a shy smile as she cleaned the tears from her face.

"Thank you," she mumbled, her eyes focused on his chest.

He grabbed her chin, tilting it up. At this angle, he was maybe an inch or two away, his golden eyes piercing into her own.

"You never have to thank me for that."

She gave him a grateful smile and cleaned her cheeks, moving away to sit down. He followed suit, eternal patience written on his face.

"Um," she cleared her throat, her eyes flickering up to his eyes. "When I first got here, all the wolfsbane and silver in my system did a lot of damage. I was told my chances of pregnancy were little to none," she blinked hard, her eyes flickering to the ceiling to hold back tears.

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